Many posters here have a mindset favoring all of life to be chopped up into one to four minute segments.  I've seen several stunning interviews on the Internet that completely held my attention for twenty or thirty minutes.  Steve Garfield's interview with David Pogue, the author of "Missing Manuals" for Macs, was not only fast paced, politically-incorrect and entertaining, it lead me to get the first two computer manual I've actually been able to get into and understand.
Beating up on Jay Dedman because you know everything he is talking about is self-centered and pompous.  I videotaped one of the presentations at the SoHo Apple store.  It only lasted an hour.  I wish it had gone on for an hour more.
These presentations are not for fickle "entertain-me" viewers with five second attention spans.  They will only be of interest to those seriously interested in this subject.  Maybe, the various vlogs could have been broken up with links and verbal descriptions so the viewer could pick and choose.  (Hey, why don't they do that on network news?  I could avoid seeing George Bush ever again!)
I know some of those attacking "long videos" (like Jay's) have been great with sharing their knowledge and contributing to this forum.  However, Jay took the time and energy to make it possible for uninformed vloggers-to-be who are stuck in God-knows-where to share an experience, dare I say "commune" with other vloggers.
Sometimes, sharp attacks are warranted.  That woman wanting "video reviews" of products was just a slick operator hoping to tap into a lot of "free creativity" for her personal gain.  Stomp her face!
But lets not be so hard on well-intentioned do-gooders working their butts off for free!
I'll dazzle you with all kinds of kinky videos like .  But, that's because I intend to prove through vlogging that I'm a great entertainer and good interviewer.  I've wasted too much of my life working for things I believed in and receiving nothing but ridicule for it.
Randolfe (Randy) Wicker
Videographer, Writer, Activist
Advisor: The Immortality Institute
Hoboken, NJ


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