Let me introduce myself here, as I'm new to this group.
I'm Brein Mcnamara,  a 28 year old new transplant to the wilds of  
minnesota. The most interesting thing about me is the main reason I'm  
sending this message.

I'm Deaf.

The majority of deaf people communicate in a visual medium. That is,  
sign language. Videoblogging seems to be a great medium for  
communicating in sign language. The trick is to find a way to take  
full advantage of the medium, and to encourage more use of it. Deaf  
people are an odd mix when it comes to technology. Many are not  
exactly technically inclined, but at the same time very eager to use  
tools that make it easier for them to communicate. (for example, many  
deaf people use video relay services...like http://sorensonvrs.com  
for one).

As a solution to this, my thought is to create a video news site in  
ASL(American Sign Language) that is community oriented.  This would  
both provide a beneficial use of video in ASL, and allow user  
participation and learning about the medium.

At the risk of being redundant, I'd like to ask this group some  
questions, (I've looked through the archives, but asking in the hope  
of getting answers more specific to my needs can't hurt).

Which content management system would be recommended in this  
situation? to clarify, I would need:

* community focused features, not just for a single blog.

* EASY ability to upload and post videos. Posting videos by hand  
isn't enough, there has to be an easy work flow for users to be able  
to do this on their own. I will provide a tutorial on how to create a  
video, but after that, its best if it requires zero intervention on  
my part.

* user friendly enough for it to be accessible to those with lower  
technical literacy.

I'm looking at drupal now, but the video module being in beta isn't  
exactly encouraging.

What type of videos would be recommended?
Four fold requirements here..

*With the least bandwidth..  I'm looking at potentially providing a  
large amount of videos, so a free provider would not likely be an  
option. Thus, serious bandwidth issues will kick in.

*with the most accessibility.. for people to view without problems,  
or complicated steps.

*with the ability to easily create and post. .. essential if I am  
going to allow others to provide their own videos. (read: no  
conversion steps on my part required after I receive them. )

* the best quality... sign language has relatively fast motion, and  
also requires the need to clearly see facial expressions and body  
language. (audio would likely be tossed out the door since its not  
needed). This is a different and more strict set of requirements from  
most videoblogs.

My first thought is to use either either the mpeg-4 or 3ivx codecs  
with quicktime streaming (more accurately, progressive downloads) as  
it seems less bandwidth intensive while at the same time being very  

Is there any alternative way to cut down on bandwidth thats still  
easy to use?
If i can get away with using the free video hosts, i'd try it, but I  
don't think thats an option. I've been looking for a torrent  
solution, such as broadcast machine (http://participatoryculture.org/ 
broadcast/) but I haven't seen anything that is easily incorporated  
within a CMS system. Torrents are a kind of manna from heaven  
solution of bandwidth, but unless its easy to use, It's not useable  
with a deaf audience.

I hope I've provided you guys (and gals) with an interesting  
challenge and not bored ya with newbie questions. My needs are a  
little beyond the videoblogging most people do, since I want to have  
a community oriented video blog, and its also a niche I'm sure many  
haven't thought about.  Although I have asked questions more suitable  
of a newbie, I think my approach kind of requires re-evaluating the  
basic videoblog needs here.


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