Steve Watkins wrote:

>Is that because TV never lived up to its potential in many peoples
>eyes? And if so, the term TV has negative connotations because it
>comes to symbolise all the negative aspects of TV.
    That would be part of it for me.  I would also venture that there is 
much more interactive element built into video blogging i.e. click on 
provided links, post messages, etc.  That kind of thing is lost through 
TV, and also unfortunately is part of the experience lost through 
devices like the new iPod.

>I do get the idea that the term TV is hated here by plenty preceisely
>because it has become irreversibly linked to the current state of TV,
>in the same way communism has become a totally negative term because
>it spent decades being attached to a specific totalitarian example of
    I guess so.  It's sort of like you can't use the word "criticism" 
without people thinking that you're being negative, even when you say 
that someone has enjoyed positive criticism of their art or something 
like that...

    I'm usually against just creating new words simple to make a 
distinction where there really isn't one.  I'm not a big fan of "vlog" 
for instance as it is too many steps removed from actual words.  When 
one gets too deep into jargon, you run the danger of no one outside of 
your particular niche having a chance to understand you.  "Video blog" 
does it all for me personally.

     Bohus Blahut
 (BOH-hoosh BLAH-hoot)

   modern filmmaker

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