Text harrasment on the net can be just as real as any other kind of

Whilst in practise the only practical way to deal with it may be to
develop a thick skin or other coping strategies, its worth wondering
if there are any elements of the system of the internet that could be
cahnged to reduce this stuff, or other human social ways of dealing
with such things.

Guns as a solution? Maybe that strategy would help if we were talking
about women defending their dignity in the wild west back in the day,
but if anything I think itd make the net even worse if everyone had
guns. People would be afraid to disrespect eachother in real life in
case they got shot, but the guns cant fire over the web so people
would release all their bottled up hate their instead, free from the
fear of being shot?

There are victim-culture elements present today in western society,
but there are also victims. Now I do object strongly when, for
example, crtiticising something a woman says on the net is immediately
assumed to be ant-women and the sex factor is brought up by the
'victim'. Its similar to minorities playing the race card, it does
happen, and its not right. If I have a go at someone over issues
unrealted to what sex they happen to be, I am not going to take kindly
to being called a woman-hater.

Steve of Elbows

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Adam Quirk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> > I wouldn't say this topic is retarded. It NEEDS to be talked about.
> > There's not that many (ratio-wise) female vloggers out there right
> > now; and though personally I am comfy with posting my videos right
> > now, I hope that never changes.
> Ok, sorry. Continue. I'll just say this. It seems like a made-up problem
> right now, a "what-if" type thing that isn't worth worrying about. Has
> anyone really been harassed because they posted a video of
themselves? And
> if so, is it necessary to worry about that? If someone posted a
comment on
> one of my videos and said they thought I sucked and wanted to kick
my ass, I
> think I'd just giggle a little and move on. Not because I'm a tough guy,
> because nothing will ever happen. It's an empty threat, like every
threat on
> the internet. And if someone told me they could suck their own cock,
> of course you have to demand proof! What a lost opportunity!
> U.S. citizens are incubated in a culture of victimization, women
even more
> than men. It's just a shame we can't move on from it.
> All of this reminds me how stupid gun control laws are. If every
woman was
> required to carry a handgun we wouldn't be having this discussion.
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> AQ
> bullemhead.com <http://bullemhead.com>

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