Hello team,

Just wanted to let you all know about yet another attempt at a videoblogging messageboard:


I don't have any big expectations for this. Videobloggers have shown their preference for the immediacy of the mailing list format. I just wanted to build a nice house for myself and my links.

There is one topic where I was hoping to get some help from people on the list. I've set up a category called "The Rec Room" with the goal of compiling a list of all the vlog memes, remix projects, content challenges and so on.

If you've ever taken part in one of these, or if you're planning to start one, would you mind dropping me a link so I can check it out -


It would be cool to have an archive of as many of these as possible, before all this stuff blows up so huge that I can never find anything again.

xo philip

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