Markus took exception to the PDF file that Ryanne Hodson and Taylor Barcroft had created entitled "Videoblogging Resources" to which they ended with "Compiled by Ryanne Hodson" and "Edited, Appended &PDF created by Taylor Barcroft"
This is a fine list of resources.  When someone essentially creates a guide and offers recommendations as to services that are available, they should sign their name/s to that list or resources.  If it turns out to be some hype, they discredit themselves.  It turns out to be really valuable and helpful information (which it was in this case) then they deserve credit for the guide they have created.
Since I know Ryanne and have been favorably impressed by Taylor (who helped me save hundreds of dollars on an LCD screen) I can make the call as to whether this list is legitimate or some sort of scam.
What goes with this dreadful masochism so rampant in the vlogosphere?  If anyone would like to figure out a way to be one of those (many) who are able to earn a living while working at vlogging, they are condemned.  That's fine if you have a trust fund and don't have to worry about paying the rent or feeding the wife and kids.
If an individual wasn't somewhat of an exhibitionist, fame-seeker, etc. I don't think they would pursue vlogging and attempt to interest the entire world of the Internet into sharing their experiences--be they dull and ordinary or extraordinary and scary.
There is nothing wrong with making money!  There is nothing wrong with putting your name on a piece of work (writing) and accepting responsibility for the listings you have chosen.
Ryanne and Taylor, so far as I know, aren't raking in big bucks (or any bucks for that matter).  They are active giving members of the vlog community.  I hope they find a way to make vlogging a viable and profitable way to earn a living.  If they don't, some scoundrels will move in, take over the vlogosphere and charge us for listing our feeds in FireANT, MeFeedia, etc.  Then, they'll find a way to charge people who want to watch our vlogs.  It will be the IFILM story all over again.
Ryanne and Taylor did a fine job of compiling resources.  I've been using my own one-page printout to give to friends.  Theirs is much better.
Let's join the world of "reality vlogging".  People should be able to earn a living vlogging, editing, compiling lists and directories, teaching others how to do things (like vlog).  I'd be delighted to see Ryanne become a prosperous "Vlog Professor" selling her "How To Vlog" DVDs on TV and empowering millions of people through vlogging.
Why should we expect anyone to sacrifice their lives, to work for nothing?  Let's catch up with the "real world".  Now, that would be "reality vlogging"!
We need more "guides" and "editors" and "trusted critics" in the vlogosphere.  Each person will have to work hard to earn their reputation and the trust of those who value what they have to say.
I've purchased a series of domain names using "VlogDigest".  It'll start small.  You can come and sample the vlogs we critique.  If you appreciate our advise, you'll be back and we'll grow.  If you think we are "full of it", you'll ignore us and we will die.  That's called competition.  That's the American way!
Vloggingly yours,
Randolfe (Randy) Wicker
Videographer, Writer, Activist
Advisor: The Immortality Institute
Hoboken, NJ

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