Thanks for the comments, Richard.  I've found that my daughter, for example, could see it when she upgraded to Windows Media 9, so I think you're right--that may be the problem.  At the moment I'm just using Windows Movie Maker and haven't tried capturing the movies as .avi for compression in QuickTime.  (Even with compression they are so much bigger files than QuickTime, at least what I've compressed so far)
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It worked for me on windows xp and windows media player ... the video was cute ... the thing about sound and no video is actually typical and happens when there is some codec is missing, though I'm not sure what it would be.

One thing would be to encourage people to upgrade to the newest version of windows media player. Also, I don't know what you're using for developng and compression, but you also might consider using quicktime, and using the settings on freevlog.

... Richard

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I have had some nice response to some of the videos I've posted.  I've also heard from several people that they are not able to see them.  My daughter (whose music I use for soundtrack on most films) is viewing with WindowsMedia on her Mac; my son is using WindowsMedia on his PC.  Neither of them are able to see the movies, though my daughter says she can hear the music.  I know Susan (KityKity) is able to see them, so obviously I'm doing it right for SOMEONE. 
I wonder if a few people could check out this movie:
and let me know (a) if you can see the video and (b) if you can figure out why some people can, and others cannot see it.  (The movie started out being another boring movie about dogs, but I was so tickled when I got the music on it, because it made an almost perfect soundtrack)



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