Hi stellan,

I will try not to type in dialect, and only the queens english. But whenever I get stuck I usually either fall back on a bottle of whisky and lament and think about a project, write it down if you can, because the best ideas are probably ones that you won't be able to do, either by sheer lack of talent or courage or the fact that they just maybe too expensive. If you check out my blog you will see a myriad of different styles and techniques that I am experimenting with. Not a genre in sight. Do as I did tonight, take your camcorder into town and shot what ever you can, come back, put the kettle on and enjoy a late night session on your own, with no distractions and let the editing or your creative talents take flight, if it end us crap, who cares, you can always delete it. I tend not to delete any of mine and post them on www.dailymotion.com it's free and you get comments and feedback from others who like video. If it sucks and blows to the extent that you get no votes or comments after two week delete it. If you get good reviews POst it on your blog and be proud. Film making for me at the moment is a bit like using the force. Let your instincts guide you. I spend ages doing stop motion and I find on Dailymotion, the one that people love the most is my cat mouthing to Iron Maiden, all it took was 2 x 15 second clips and I did the mouth movements by speeding up and slowing down a split segment and added the voice and iron maiden track, and it is my most loved and commented on film so far, check it out it's called La Chat. It took 30 seconds to film and about 5 minutes to edit and add sound. Never get stuck, try your luck!


On 26 Oct 2005, at 02:09, tractionman_swe wrote:


Well so I got my vlog up and running a while ago (in august) and I
thought I had so many ideas for it. But all of a sudden I kind of
got stuck, had a sort of creative crisis if you will. Not sure what
else to call it.
Anyway just wanted to know what you folks do when or if this sort of
thing happens to you? Any ideas on how to snap out of it?
Right now I'm not quite sure what kind of videos I'd like to
publish. Don't really want to show stuff like: "this is my
home", "this is my pet frog", "this is where I work" and so on. Not
because I'm afraid to show things like that. It's just that I find
my everyday life to be, well kind of dull and I doubt that anyone
would like to see it anyway.

Sorry for my ramblings and poor english. Hope you can help me.

/Stellan Johansson, Sweden



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