Topics on  vjforums are quite similar to videoblogging topics, you just have to change vj with videoblog !

It's true that video production in a VJ context is really time consuming, most of the time I don't record my video-mixes, because it's extra work (video input, sound level check, extra hardware...) before a gig and after a gig (derush..). and when it come to publish them on line, it still some extra work...

And well, video projections in a club or on stage with some extra lights, smoke, sound and people is quite different from the raw recording of the videomix that will feed those tiny compressed video !

I may focus now on "how to" and home made experiments short clips, explaining how I create my own vj software and interaction, like that one : http://mjukma.free.fr/index.php/2005/10/27/96-scratching-with-midi-and-webcam


2005/10/27, Steve Watkins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
That was a glorious post, very well put.

I am presently looking after vjcentral and vjforums, and have just
requested that a new sub-forum be created on vjforums.com that deals
with all things videoblog-related. If this subforum materialisses, I
will post to let everyone know. I desperately want to add video
publishng & video feed(s) to vjcentral, but the entire site needs
rebuilding using a different system first.

The biggest incompatibility with any VJing-Videoblogging crossover, is
that many of the available VJing tools do not use audio in a way that
many videobloggers would like. AS they are mostly live performance
tools used by people in clubs, some do not play the audio part of
video files at all. Others have the ability to handle audio and do
amusing pitch changes/scratching effects to botht eh audio and video.
But then we get onto output isues. Some vj software has no ability to
record/render the output to a file. Most that do have this feature,
totally fail to record the audio.

The easiest and most universal workaround for this is to record the
realtime video & audio output from computer on a seperate external
device. But this adds time to the process and is still not easy if you
dont have the right hardware.

An issue that can put off VJs from putting thir video on the web, is
also audio. Many play in clubs to the DJs music, and dont have their
own original audio, so they start to get into the copyright problems
that get talked about here sometimes. Theres quite a lot of use of
copyrighted video clips too. But it can be more of an issue for vjs
than videobloggers because its more likely to be considered commercial
use. In 99% of cases the industry has taken as little interest in VJ
copyright violations as they have videobloggers, but the risk is
always there and is increased if people publish permanently online
rather than just doing a live show.

Most VJs could certainly use additional revenue streams, and
discussions about alternative payment schemes, micropayments etc, are
relevant. Theres lots of potential for VJs to share content with
videobloggers and vica versa.

One thing Id love to see happen in the future, but is reliant on some
form of financial model working, is certain kinds of VJs and
videobloggers outsourcing work to eachother. If you want nice graphics
for your videoblog but arent any good at creating, get a willing VJ to
do it. If you are a VJ and you want video clip of a certain building
in a part of the world you dont live, ask a videoblogger.

Steve of Elbows
--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com , Markus Sandy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> timely piece.  just last week someone posted some interesting VJ
> references here on the group and I have been looking into it ever
> since.  Along the way I made the obvious discovery of Apple Tiger's new
> Quartz Composer (formerly PixalShox Studio).  What a tool!  If you have
> Mac Tiger and have not found this on it yet, please do check it out.
> For more info, see
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quartz_Composer
> thanks for posting this jean.
> markus
> jean_poole wrote:
> > here's a piece I wrote for a street press mag recently, trying to
> > encourage some more cross-over and/or dialogue between the quite
> > vibrant VJ & videoblogging scenes... am sending to both the
eyecandy &
> > videoblogging lists too, as well as posting at a few forum sites, and
> > up@ www.skynoise.net <http://www.skynoise.net> so we'll see if it
> > generates some more cross-fertilising?
> > jp
> > *
> > *
> > *Open Call to Video Bloggers & VJs : Get Jiggy*
> > Despite all the creative aspirations and technical skills they share,
> > there's surprisingly little overlap between the huge populations of
> > VJs & video bloggers.
> >
> > Nurturing mutual status as pixel underdogs, both VJs & video bloggers
> > are adept at dealing with low or non-existent budgets, and both
> > champion storytelling and/or aesthetics and visual ideas over
> > production values. That's not to say production values are ignored -
> > in fact, production values probably tie up more than their fair share
> > of discussion time in either community, but a key defining aspect of
> > being a VJ or videoblogger is the joy of just of being able to get
> > those pixels out there.
> >
> > While all this pre-supposes you have compelling video / stories /
> > pixels to begin with, at least the current state of video play helps
> > level the media playing field to some degree. And the current
> > expansion of mobile video ( phones, PSP, video iPods & many other
> > handhelds ), continues this window of opportunity for bedroom
> > pixelists. And to think of a hybrid army of these pixelists,
loaded up
> > with the combined skillsets of the VJ & VideoBlogging massive, is to
> > imagine a continually more diverse and decentralised media. So let's
> > bring it on.
> >
> > *What can Video Bloggers learn from VJs?*
> > VJs know how to move pixels in real-time. Whether responding to
> > or creating live audiovisual pieces, VJs are at home using real-time
> > editing tools, allowing easy compositing, layering, sequencing and
> > effects on the fly. Aside from live performance though, the
> > 'instrumentness' of these real-time tools means they are also very
> > effective and flexible video production tools. Creativity can be
> > a new leash when freed from the constraints of the rendering
> > and levels of complexity can be explored spontaneously that would
> > a long time to build up to with traditional video editing software.
> > And VJ software is especially suited to online video publishers,
> > because both VJs & VideoBloggers tend to use 320 x 240 sized clips (
> > the bloggers because it's a default multimedia size compromise for
> > bandwidth concerns, the VJs because it's a compromise between
> > resolution and allowing the speediest real-time triggering and
> > manipulation).
> >
> > VJs also have extensive knowledge about how to get projections
> > happening, whether on a screen in a club, theatre, projecting from a
> > rooftop, mobile van, shopping trolley, or even the side of a train.
> > This is a very useful amount of technical knowledge to tap into, but
> > should also encourage online publishers to think more about where
> > their work can be shown offline - where can video be seen? Be shown?
> > Where can stories be told? Where can your colours be projected?
> >
> > VJs also know a lot about codecs, and the ways video is compressed to
> > create the best combination of image quality and speed of playback
> > 'scrubbing' ( moving a file backwards and forwards on a timeline
> > smoothly ). And a thing or two about transitions, visual
> > the power of the image, the use by date of the image, effects ( and
> > their ever shrinking use by dates), automated processes ( such as
> > visual manipulation by audio analysis ), video signal routing,
> > capturing, sampling and much much more.
> >
> > Key VJ community resources & forums :
> > www.vjforums.com, www.audiovisualizers.com
> > < http://www.audiovisualizers.com> & www.vjcentral.com
> > <http://www.vjcentral.com>
> > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eyecandy
> > <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eyecandy/> ( mailing list with
> > thousands of VJs )
> > http://music.columbia.edu/mailman/listinfo/0xff ( another good
> > list )
> >
> > *What can VJs learn from Video Bloggers?*
> > Videobloggers ( also known as vloggers) know the online networks
> > inside out, and know the values and pleasures of automated publishing
> > - getting your work out there in appropriate formats, having it
> > automatically archived and linked to from a main page, having it
> > easily cross referenced or quoted and having interested audiences
> > automatically notified when it is published. All of which help make
> > any particularly worthy video rise on it's merits rather than
> > marketing budget ( netheads love
> > calling this a 'meritocracy' ). VideoBloggers also know a lot about
> > compression codecs ( though more focussed on image quality and
> > shrinking file size than clip triggering speed), about getting work
> > out to as many different platforms as possible, about storytelling,
> > about audiences, about online promotion, about embedding hyperlinks
> > and much much more.
> >
> > Of course, many VJs are already posting videos online, but few are
> > harnessing the benefits and play available with networked publishing.
> > VJ Falk ( Berlin ) ( www.prototypen.com/blog/falk
> > <http://www.prototypen.com/blog/falk> ) continues to clock
sporadic VJ
> > created pieces, vjtorrents.com provides 'BitTorrent and RSS feeds to
> > showcase high quality videos of live video mixing from around the
> > world' and VJ Bertranol ( France ) http://mjukma.free.fr posts
> > occasional live mixes and has also created (free) software allowing
> > easy publishing of video within a blog / web-publishing system.
> > Hollywood is catching on though - Clerks Director Kevin Smith has a
> > videoblog ( www.clerks2.com <http://www.clerks2.com >) and Peter
> > Jackson provides a King Kong video diary (
> > www.kongisking.net/kong2005/proddiary
> > < http://www.kongisking.net/kong2005/proddiary> ) - but there is still
> > time to define your niche. Time to carve out a global audience
> > auto-downloading your every (bedroom produced ) episode to their
> > computers, handhelds or mobile phones.
> >
> > Key VideoBlogger community resources & forums :
> > www.videoblogging.info
> > www.freevlog.org ( step-by-step guide to setting up a free videoblog)
> > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/videoblogging/ ( mailing list with a
> > thousand Videobloggers )
> >
> > *
> > *
> >
> > jean poole
> > www.skynoise.net
> >
> >
> --
> My name is Markus Sandy and I am app.etitio.us
> http://apperceptions.org
> http://digitaldojo.blogspot.com
> http://spinflow.org
> http://wearethemedia.com
> http://www.corante.com/events/feedfest/
> aim/ichat: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> skype: msandy

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