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elbows of death? do I want to even ask? (does she snore bad?)

> To be honest I think you are misreading the situation with that site.

to be honest I'm not sure what you mean? Who is misreading? 
I agree that there is something funny going on. 

> The question ask is where you found that quiksilver link which showed
> your blog contents? You found it by googling your name? I couldnt find
> it in the search engines.

I have hacked my blog so that I can trace individual posts on google.
It came up when I was doing a search on one of the blogs. It still
comes up on google, I just checked. Maybe I search differently than
you? However the search results do seem to have changed since i last
looked, it was harder to find this morning

> because as Andreas pointed out, dont think that site is caching your
> blog or ripping you off. Theres simply a script on their site which
> enables the contents of any other webpage to be scraped and inserted
> into the body of their site.
> They probably used it specifically for a completely legitimate thing,
> eg contents from a partner site.

In the past few yearss I have had an ongoing problem with a troll.
Wont bore you with details but I suspect that this is the latest
offering. Ie the things been hacked purely as a form of harrassment. I
agree that quiksilver probably has nothing to do with it, which is why
I am waiting to hear from them before i do anything more. 

I just asked for help with the technical details of what they had done?

> If you want, you can change the URL to any other site and it will show
> the site of your choice emmbedded within their site. Doesnt mean they
> are leeching your content. Their site doesnt seem to resemble anything
> that would make leechng peoples blogs worth their while. If its
> showing up as a search result for your name then I can understand you
> being annoyed, but is this whats actually happening?

I agree.

> Its good to be vigilant, sites do pull such stunts, but I just dont
> think thats whats happening here. And when it comes down to just
> chaching content, well google definately do cache your blog.

There's a big difference between having your content cached by a
search engine and someone mirroring your site for commercial gain. 

> Steve of Elbows

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