On 11/4/05, Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Let us into the click-to-purchase-video ITMS universe.

Would that help the videoblogging community or would it help independent
movie and tv producers?

I think it would help some videobloggers, but not the majority.

The only way I think videobloggers could make some money in iTunes, or any other pay-for-content format, would be

a) If they regularly produce compelling content.  I can think of only a handful of people that would fit this bill.

b) They serve as a filter for said content, and deliver it on a regular basis.  Like Vlog Soup, or Boing Boing for video.

On that note, what if someone was to make a feed of enclosure links to cool videos and then charged a fee for subscribing?   That person would be profiting while the producers of the content would be paying for bandwidth.  I haven't seen this happen yet, but I think it's around the corner.



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