Gena wrote:
> --- In, Pete Prodoehl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> wrote:
>>You might what to determine what would constitute 'fair use' of 
> things. 
>>I was under the impression if you were referencing something in  
> your 
>>presentation you could show/play a small amount of it. Of course I 
> just 
>>know what Dave Slusher tells me...

 > Hi Pete:
 > The RIAA (Recording Industry Artist of America) and the MPAA (Motion
 > Picture Association of America) have gone nuts over here. They are
 > going after anybody and everybody. They just hit a grand-dad with a
 > $660,000+ charge because his 12 year old grandson downloaded movies
 > on granpop's computer. I have "no" love for either of them,
 > especially those foul lumps of carnage the RIAA.  And I am being
 > polite.
 > On the opening green screen of the trailers they spell out in legal
 > dis-ease what they will try to do to you if you snag their stuff. Not
 > that it stops anyone from downloading the trailers.
 > So in this particular instance, I think she would be on steady ground
 > by either asking permission or chosing not to use the trailers. Fair
 > use is a slippery slope and you have to be certain you have right on
 > your side.

Agreed... I personally avoid using anything I am not completely sure of, 
which is limiting, and sucks, but probably keeps me safe. When I asked 
Dave Slusher about using short audio clips he said it falls under fair 
use. He's got radio experience, is a follower of Creative Commons, and a 
smart guy, so I trust what he says. Of course that still doesn't give me 
the confidence to assume I know what constitutes fair use.


videoblog for the future...

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