I just read a news story that they are going to make all these old movies available on the Internet.  This makes me suspect that we vloggers are going to get lost between Bette Davis and "Laurel & Hardy".  People, like water, seem to seek the lowest common level.
I know that there are "great" old movies.  However, I have a special prejudice against them.  I'm sixty-seven years old.  When I go to some gathering of men, especially gay men my own age, they aren't talking about the new exciting "TransGeneration" documentary on Sundance or offerings on the new (unique) gay cable channels like Logo or "Here! On Demand".
No, they are talk about watching some old Bette Davis movie to avoid watching Bush's acceptance speech.
So, I really hate old movies.  "Old" movies make prisoners of those unable to stay young and keep up with the changing times.  I shudder every time I meet an intelligent person over fifty who still doesn't have a computer!  (Shudder! Shudder!) 
There is too much "new content" in vlogs and even on channels like Uncensored and Logo and Sundance that it is depressing to see so many people become a "prisoner of their times".
May I die posting a new vlog for new generations entering a new age!!
Randolfe (Randy) Wicker
Videographer, Writer, Activist
Advisor: The Immortality Institute
Hoboken, NJ

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