New thread, same story...  because i want to point out something.

The recent conversation that ended up being largely about vlogger R-E-S-P-E-C-T and all that brought up some interesting opinions.
All of which is fine and dandy. 

What I will point out now is what I see as the power of the audience, something that is often undervalued.
In the context of video content coming from videoblogs,  we can all agree that their is a mix of good, bad and ugly.... as this is an inevitability across all content mediums throughout history and into the future.  Add to that fact the uniqueness of each within an audience.... This gives you a swirling mix of people who contrast in what they love and hate on any given day.

Sure, some people or groups of people can influence larger groups of people in what they choose to say out loud.  I am not saying there is zero impact.  I can be referring to Baron from rBoom or Verdi from freevlog or Jobs from APPLE. 

Here is why we should not get too worked up about what others say about videobloggers, negative of otherwise, and instead just let time tell the story of what "the audience" feels.   Because the vast majority of the viewing audience of Internet Video are going to seek and find whatever it is that they like... and even that can change month to month, person to person.  Someone who loves rBoom today, may get an instant headache from it 6 months later and find new interest in the personal video journal of a Mom in North Carolina or a pothead in california or a political activist or a truck driver or a cat or a religious sermon in god knows where.  And vise versa.

I am undermining the power of expressed opinions from people who talk about videobloggers... whether they talk it up or talk it down or talk it out of town.  You cant stop this from happening.... it's a human thing.  The great thing is, you can disagree... and hopefully that disagreement is done with respect and style.

The revolution will stand, regardless.  it's the new medium that deserves mass respect and awe.  The fact that we can all, or at least those who are fortunate, can create and deliver... that is the core of this entire revolution. 

Some will participate in this revolution by trying to entertain, others will try to educate and then there is all that space in between. 
Do what you want, do it well, and people will watch if they care to, not if some evangelist or critc sais so.

All - keep on saying what you want... it all matters.  Just not as much as you may think. ;-)

peace - thanks - giving

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"The hybrid or the meeting of two media is a moment of truth and revelation from which new form is born"
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