--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Josh Leo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 11/23/05, Deirdre Straughan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >  But, to be honest, when we look at individual vlogs, most of us
> > included) aren't that good at making TV. There's a reason why the
folks in
> > Hollywood get paid the big bucks: they're professionals.
> >
> >  Over time, some of us will learn to make equally compelling
content. But
> > most of us are playing to niche audiences, and always will.
> I am not goot at making TV becaus I am not making TV.
> I don't do this full time.
> I don't have Writers, Cameramen, Producers, Actors, Advertising,
> Designers, etc...
> I also don't have any budget for my video blog.
> It is not a matter of skill or knowledge.
> I have taken television production classes.
> If i had a team of people working full time on my vlog, you better
> believe it would have very high production standards and perhaps
> resemble television more closely.
> Do I like TV?
> YES! I love the show prison break, and Law & Order...but do i hate the
> parasitic way that they use everyone and everything in the industry?
> yes...
> It is not a matter of them being professionals, because the moment you
> gave one of those professionals a camera, computer, and internet
> connection and told them to go make an extremely compelling vlog
> alone, it would end up being just like (if not worse) than ours.

Steve Jacksons' blog, www.kongisking.net, with photos and video on
post production is quite interesting; from Steve Garfields', 
stevegarfield.blogs.com, interviews of Tony Kahn who is going from
podcasting to including videoblogging; Bill Streeter mentions the
person who created the "Whats up" commercials being at the Chicago MTV
being very interested in vlogging.  I think these and other people who
worked in traditional media have and will create very interesting and
worthwhile work.  They are not geneticaly limited to a certain way of
producing media.  

  -- Enric
> but is that what we are after? a feel of fabrication with high
> production standards and prececicely calculated design, humor, or
> marketability? I know that I love the reality of vlogs. The fact that
> people are making these things alone. I am sick of being a market for
> television, I am ready to be treated like a person...
> That doesn't mean that I don't think that good lighting and skilled
> editing is something that only television should have. I think we can
> learn from their accomplishments and avoid what we see as mistakes.
> thank you.
> --
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