Yeah I tend to agree with this. The POD in iPod stands for personal 
options device. Apple added the i (as they have been for about 8 
years now) which they have always said stands for Internet. So you 
have Internet Personal Options Device, or iPod. Pod is really a 
generic term.

Bill Streeter

--- In, Frank Carver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> Wednesday, November 23, 2005, 3:00:58 PM, Michael Sullivan wrote:
> > podcast is utterly the worst word that could have ever come out 
> > audioblogging and now videoblogging.  i absolutely despise it.  
> > because any term that references a specific product from a 
specific company
> > that is in no way exclsuive to what it is.... is wrong and 
> Maybe I'm being naive here. Or maybe it's a British vs American
> cultural thing, but to me the name "podcast" has already 
> the name iPod. And I never felt particularly that podcast implied
> iPod.
> The way I have always looked at it was that Apple decided to co-opt
> the existing, but bland, word "pod", and use it to coin a new, 
> term for the more clumsy but popular "MP3 Player". They 
> needed to do this, otherwise the ability of their player to play 
> files would be seen as it's major purpose, rather than Apple's aim 
> playing their own DRM format.
> So the community wins. We now have a new, simple, pronounceable 
> "pod" that describes a portable media player without reference to 
> format, medium or manufacturer. Hurrah!
> Best of all, the community is free to invent new words to describe
> things such as the process of subscribing and distributing media 
> such a player: "podcasting".
> Now, Apple (for whatever reason) like the prefix "i". So _their_ 
> player is called iPod. In the same way that their notebook 
computer is
> called iBook.
> I don't know what it's like where anyone else lives, but around 
> the overwhelmingly popular name for a media player is still "MP3
> player". That's what seven-year-olds ask for for their birthdays.
> Apple's iPod range are just seen as (expensive and pretentious)
> examples among many.
> Bottom line, I'm happy to use "podcasting" and "podcast", and to
> distinguish as appropriate where medium or format is an issue :- 
> podcasting, Quicktime video podcast, PDF podcast, or whatever. In 
> cases though, it's much simpler and just as understandable to just 
> "podcast".
> >> To simply add 'video' to podcast becomes a very simple
> >> way to extend what people already know.
> > wrong.. most people  know podcasts as being internet radio... 
audio!  so, in
> > essence, your saying adding video makes sense to prelude an 
audio term.
> > video radio anyone?
> Umm. Wasn't the word "video" itself merely some sort of 
contraction of
> vision and radio ?
> -- 
> Frank Carver

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