There are a few ways one can go for creating alternative video format feeds. Some of which actually exist, but many of which should exist but do only in my twisted mind.

a) With mediaRSS (an extention of RSS2.0), aka. mRSS, there are ways to specify multiple formats... the question is mrss fully supported yet? I know FireANT supports it. What other aggregator and playback tools support it? DTV? iTunes? Yahoo search supports it too.  Of course you'll also need media RSS support in your blogging platform... Moveabletype, Wordpress or watever blog service you use.  Anyone have status on where we're at in this.

b) Even if mediaRSS isn't fully supported it would seem to me a service like feedburner would or should be able to take your media RSS feed from wordpress or moveabletype and parse it into multiple feeds for multiple formats, one for each enclosure type. Someone should suggest this to them if they're not already offering it.

c) Feedburner does, btw support mediaRSS... and have been supporting it for a while. There is a very good likelyhood that they now support multiple enclosure types. If they do now the only question would be how do you specify them in the post. For example you tell feedburner to put an item in an enclosure by specifying "rel=enclosure" as in <a href="" rel="enclosure"> in your post.   If they can handle multiple enclosure formats they could put them into a mediaRSS feed, and/or automatically and transparently offer multiple feeds, one for each format. This would be your best bet as you wouldn't have to move off the Blogger platform. Anyone in touch with Rick at feedburner?

d) prodigem like service - Prodigem offers a solution that automatically takes your feed and transparently makes a duplicate of it exactly the same but with all your enclosures as seeded bittorrents.  This ultimately is how i see the best middle player services going. It's comepletely transparent to the end user. The end user bueing in this case the vlog creator who shouldn't have to worry about making their content available for every possible solution. There are WAY, way to many.  There's huge potential from feedburner and the many vlog hosting and creation sites to offer services to automatically and transparently "format  shift" feeds and content. Not only that there's great potential money in it, both from end users with specialized devices and vloggers...  Let me give you just a few of the more common formats.

-mov (Windows and Mac if you have QT installed)
-h264 (ipod/mac only, just coming our for QT windows)
-3gp (cell phones) - what's more most don't support RSS, but mos tdo support email and text message, hint, hint
-mpeg / mpeg4 - (supported nearly everywhere, but are mp4 and mpeg seperate now? (ipod / PSP)
-Flash (great for browsers)

Anything I'm missing? Now muliply that x2 for bittorrent and you've got a real mess. I'd suggest shit canning everything non essential and going with mpeg4 (as it gains you the widest spread support) and if you want to do cellular then 3gp, but that's not really built out yet. Flash is the shiznick for in browser experience too, but it's a luxury for most.

e) Last but not least let's not forget pay services like Eric Rice's (or is it, damit) already offer automatic format shifting. You upload in one format and it automatically produces flash for display, and alternative formats for download. The question is do they offer alternative feeds? ($10 says Eric Rice responds by noon EST even though today's the biggest shopping day of the year ;)

My question is what other hosting service offer automatic transcoding and to what formats.

-Mike of

On Nov 25, 2005, at 2:25 AM, Michael Sullivan wrote:

just to chime in, but not nec. making a suggestion....

users of are able to create media folders, each gets its own set of xml flavors such as:
RSS 2.0 All Enclosures
RSS 2.0 Video Only Enclosures
RSS 2.0 Audio Only Enclosures

If a user wanted a seperate feed for specific file types, they would just upload to a media folder designated for that format.  no redundent blogging or hacks needed.

again, i am not suggesting you use, especially since the project is still largely incomplete, but i figured i would share how it works over it may be of interest.


On 11/24/05, Tom <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I'm currently publishing my videos as a mov files, but in the future
i'd like to add another format.
Could anybody tell me is it possible to have separate RSS for second
video format?



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