Its interesting how suddenly people who at first sight seem to promote the idea of openness and free will, have such strong subjective opinions about what is worthwhile and what is not worthwhile - often saying that this for everyone, except those that they dont like or find to be interesting. Saying things like this is for everyone but some people must be stopped. This is open and free, but "we" are the ones who determine that. 

I cant even defend myself anymore because it no longer makes since to me how some people are arriving at their conclusions. It just feels like empty criticism.

On Nov 30, 2005, at 11:12 PM, Randolfe Wicker wrote:

Now that they're showing the local Rotarians how to vlog and "evangelizing" to the common folk, we might see vlogging become a land of 5,000 vlogs with few worth watching.  A tide of "boring" vlogs could kill that special spirit you find among vloggers at this time.

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