I expect that we will soon be hearing about "vlog compulsive syndrome".  I think once you get into it, you can only think of what you will vlog next.
We are all people with stories to share.  We like to think our stories are interesting to others.  Vlogging is an interesting test.  I've done beautiful vlogs that died at birth.  I've done others I thought were mediocre that took off and flew.  I still can't figure out what makes one vlog popular and causes another to get neglected.
"Headlines" sell newspapers and "titles" definitely help to attract viewers to vlogs.  Likewise, having a consistent format like "Drinking with Bob" where viewers knew they are going to get 90 seconds of mad ranting helps to build a following.  Same goes for Rocketboom and other vloggers.
I think of vloggers as being like comics at comedy workshops.  they try various lines and see which ones please the audience and provoke a response.  That is the way they hone their craft.  So vlogging is really a new "trade" or "craft".  Some will be outstanding and others will fail miserably.
The nice thing is that we can continually attempt to improve and reinvent ourselves until we find a niche where we and our public are comfortable coming together.
Randolfe (Randy) Wicker
Videographer, Writer, Activist
Advisor: The Immortality Institute
Hoboken, NJ
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From: Jay
Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2005 2:30 PM
Subject: [videoblogging] Land of 5,000 vlogs

It is interesting to read the different perspectives out there about vloggs.  Being involved
with TV production for over 20 years and teaching the masses to do TV production off and
on.  I have found that we as people are generally passive when it comes to making TV
,vloggs and that is brought on a lot by how the mass media has trained the masses. 

If you check out some of the different sites and whats out there.  You will find way over
5,000 people creating video and putting it up online good, bad, and ugly.  But a lot of
sharing of peoples lives that is part of why reality TV shows have been so popular.

The point is that there will always only be a minority of people who are willing to do the
work that is required to create "quality" content which can be as simple as posting a "hello
it is me" online.   I would like to see that change and maybe I am wrong and everyone will
decide to start posting video to vlogs?

I think what we have right know is a cool new tool for distribution.  I would like to share
and teach others that hey this is available do they want to learn?

The big boys have created this almost religion with actresses and actors as the "gods" or
"higher powers"  I read some of the posts here and the passion which people write about
Vlogging it is like we have discovered how to create our own religion.

Will we be able to teach others how to do this Vlogging and will they want to learn some
will and some will not?

Jay Cole


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