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Now when you mean fake do you mean "staged" or or you refering to the formula? These are real people telling real peoples stories and emotions, when you are part of a community you as a viewer wants to know how it will affect you. Watch entertainment tonight...now that's fake.

By fake I mean...that the reporters act fake...fake emotion, fake interest, fake persona...but the stories and the real people are what I think is best...that is REAL

It's only a matter of time before all this melds, with this in mind you might find yourself teaching Suzanne Geha how to Vlog!  If I remember right our own Steve Garfield was a one time reporter?

haha, How do you know of Suzanne Geha!!!? yeah i was surpirsed...there were people from every GR news station, people from south bend, toronto, and one guy from CNN from NYC...nice crowd of knowledgeable (yet stuck up) people...

Josh Leo



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