Kinda like going from Elementary to Jr. High School =)

Look to the internet archive for those great lessons from the past ...

"Getting used to the fact that you are one among many ..."

...Man, this has got to be the realpolitik of junior high films. Blatantly realistic about the fact that you might not be the smartest, or most athletic, but that there are still things you can do, if you want to...

Randolfe Wicker wrote:
Josh Leo writes: "Maybe I just want to be part of something "official" maybe it is my own selfish desire for elitism. Maybe it is a stupid idea that is useless to who and what we are as a group of people"
I'll venture that this is the reaction of a "big fish in a little pond" realizing that the "big pond" doesn't respect or recognize him.  I say that not as a criticism but as an observation.
We all live in our own little worlds.  The vlogosphere is a tiny world at this moment.  Josh Leo has achieved something like celebrity status (rightly) by producing an amazing body of work that has made him one of the most consistently watched vloggers on the Internet.
Hubris is a fatal flaw.  When the local homecoming queen enters the Miss America pageant, he/she suddenly realizes that the entire world is not at his/her feet.  The "star" from Small-town, USA, suddenly realizes she/he faces real competition from hundreds/thousands of other "big-fish-in-small-ponds".
We are all "big fish" in a tiny pond.  In the future, we will have to prove our mettle.  We will have to demonstrate that we are as good as (or better than) recognized "authorities".


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