eh, I mean, how strong Mr Hyde can be. . .classic.

On Dec 4, 2005, at 10:24 AM, andrew michael baron wrote:

> If you are suggesting that this was a ploy to promote his Xmas album
> (which would be gross, but even if you are not suggesting this), this
> fiasco came at the expense of learning himself that he was not the
> first to invent any technological processes.
> This is not to undermine other great things that he has done, but
> kind of shows a bit of a Dr. Jekkel and Mr. Hyde side to things. Its
> perfectly natural for any human to have a strong Ego, but its always
> interesting to see how strong Dr. Jekkel can be when Mr. Hyde is
> "known" for being so giving.
> On Dec 4, 2005, at 1:57 AM, Eric Rice wrote:
>> It's speculation and rumor and whatever disclaiming words I can
>> bring up, that this article
>> was a PR ploy and that the author got played.
>> I'm just saying, there's words on the street.
>> ER
>> --- In, B Yen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> On Dec 2, 2005, at 10:04 PM, Richard Bennett-Forrest wrote:
>>>> I love all this nitpicking. You'd think they'd invented something
>>>> important to mankind, like the long lasting lightbulb, or a  
>>>> solution
>>>> for world hunger, the way they go on and on about it. Winer's been
>>>> bitching about this since mid-2004 already, and it couldn't have
>>>> happened between two bigger egos in my opinion.
>>>> Curry was a failed VJ, trying to reignite whatever it was he had in
>>>> the 80s, through trying to do a radio show on the Internet. Big
>>>> Deal.
>>>> His "podcast" was super boring. Booorriiing. But he got lucky, and
>>>> should just understand that.
>>>> And although Winer's generally a pain in the arse to read and  
>>>> listen
>>>> to, he has been doing RSS type stuff for over a decade, yet not
>>>> really tried to push it forward for anything beyond one way pushing
>>>> of lossy text and audio.  Why he's bothered about not being called
>>>> "the father of podcasting" is beyond me, as there's much more
>>>> significant things to be the father of over the next ten years, and
>>>> podcasting won't be one of them IMNSHO.
>>>> Regards,
>>>>   Richard
>>> I think it's (tit-for-tat) related to a squabble between Curry &
>>> podcasters:
>>> Curry in Podcast Convention Clash
>>> 04:21 PM Nov. 08, 2005 PT
>>> The Portable Media Expo kicks off Friday in Ontario, California,  
>>> with
>>> all the earmarks of success. But the proceedings could see some  
>>> last-
>>> minute competition from one of the biggest names in the fast-growing
>>> podcasting business: former MTV VJ Adam Curry.
>>> Some 2,500 attendees and 50 exhibitors from 38 states and 22 nations
>>> are expected to turn out for the event, which organizers are billing
>>> as the world's first podcasting convention.
>>> Although Curry plans to attend the show, he has declined to speak at
>>> it or sponsor it. And now he is threatening to hold an impromptu  
>>> "un-
>>> expo" at a nearby hotel, where podcasters may be invited to discuss
>>> potential promotional deals with his company,, Curry
>>> spokesman Aaron Burcell told Wired News on Tuesday.
>>> "They've been trying to back us into a huge sponsorship by saying
>>> we're not supportive of the expo, that we're this and that," Burcell
>>> said. "But we have a lot of podcasters who are part of the Portable
>>> Media Expo and we've been very supportive. It's not wise to try to
>>> extort the company that's been most supportive of the podcasting
>>> community."
>>> Burcell accused convention organizer Tim Bourquin of retaliating
>>> against Curry for refusing to sponsor the trade show or to speak at
>>> it. He also alleged that Bourquin had been bad-mouthing Curry and  
>>> his
>>> company to podcasters who belong to a PodShow stable of talent known
>>> as the Pod Squad.
>>> Bourquin flatly denied he's contacted any of PodShow's talent but
>>> acknowledged he questioned on the most recent episode of his Podcast
>>> Brothers show why PodShow hadn't sponsored the program and why Curry
>>> had declined to address the event. Bourquin said PodShow had  
>>> demanded
>>> a free high-level sponsorship in exchange for some help with
>>> promotion and a speech by former MTV veejay and self-anointed
>>> "PodFather" Curry, but Bourquin said he rejected that offer because
>>> his event has become so popular he no longer felt he needed Curry as
>>> a headliner.
>>> "They're upset that I'm not bowing down to them," Bourquin said.
>>> "Everyone who gets a call from Adam and PodShow is impressed and
>>> feels important. I don't fall all over these guys when they call me.
>>> I gave them several opportunities to be involved and they repeatedly
>>> turned me down."
>>> Burcell said Curry is for now scheduled to attend the event, if not
>>> address it, and PodShow is organizing a pre-convention event on
>>> Thursday showcasing musicians who allow podcasters to use their
>>> recordings for no charge. He added that the company was  
>>> interested in
>>> buying the title sponsorship for the show, but was beaten to the
>>> punch when sewed up a deal months ago for $35,000.
>>> For Bourquin, the hullabaloo amounts to an unneeded distraction in
>>> the waning days before a trade show that has grown beyond anyone's
>>> expectations. When he conjured up the notion of a trade show  
>>> focusing
>>> on portable media a year ago, the word "podcast" was hardly even  
>>> part
>>> of a techie's lexicon and the notion of a video iPod was a glint in
>>> Steve Jobs' eye.
>>> Even six months ago, Bourquin looked ahead at his Portable Media  
>>> Expo
>>> with a mixture of excitement and anxiety, hoping merely to meet his
>>> initial goal of 1,000 registrants. He's more than doubled that goal
>>> in a show that is drawing executives from Yahoo, Whirlpool and  
>>> Disney
>>> as well as a list of new startup companies primed to make a  
>>> litany of
>>> product announcements. A healthy roster of keynote speakers from
>>> NPR's Robert Spier to This Week in Tech podcaster Leo Laporte are
>>> also on tap.
>>> "This has certainly grown beyond our expectations," said Bourquin,
>>> who, along with his brother Emile Bourquin, co-hosts the Podcast
>>> Brothers podcast, a show that offers advice on how to promote and
>>> monetize podcasts. "It just shows what's been happening in this
>>> business."
>>> Tradeshow Week associate publisher Michael Hughes, whose trade
>>> publication tracks the conference business, declared the expo off to
>>> a "very good start" with more than 2,000 attendees. Hughes noted the
>>> average trade show size attracts 4,000 registrants.
>>> "It's a challenge to launch a new trade show because most sectors  
>>> are
>>> already covered," Hughes says. "You really only see this in new
>>> emerging industries. It's one of the first steps of a new industry's
>>> maturity."
>>> Hughes said feuds among rival factions of a new industry are common
>>> and usually take a few years to shake out. Few attendees seem
>>> concerned by the schism between Bourquin and Curry.
>>> "I'm just sitting here smiling (because Curry partner) Ron Bloom and
>>> Adam are the masters of generating publicity," said voice talent
>>> David Lawrence of The David Lawrence Show , who plans to roll out a
>>> service he'll offer to help local real estate agents create podcasts
>>> to sell houses. "How does this not amp up by 10-fold the  
>>> attention to
>>> them, having an alternative site across the street and all that?
>>> They've already locked up many of the most-listened to podcasts and
>>> are the big dogs on the block. I don't know if this is real or
>>> manufactured, but it makes it all that much more interesting."
>>> The main event looks to be a mix of serious business and  
>>> socializing.
>>> Denver-based podcaster Paul Saurini of Barefoot Radio, for instance,
>>> is excited to meet colleagues after toiling for months on his own on
>>> his show, but he's also on the prowl for sponsors for his weekly
>>> comedy and music program that attracts more than 6,000 downloads per
>>> episode.
>>> Saurini could be in luck. Several companies, including PodShow and
>>> Podtrac, will be looking to help connect talent with advertisers.
>>> Podtrac, in fact, rushed to get its system, which will be announced
>>> this weekend, finished in time for the conference.
>>> Predictably, several podcasters will be recording their shows at the
>>> conference. In fact, Podcast Pickle directory owner Gary Leland has
>>> signed up 18 podcasters to do 20-minute versions of their show live
>>> at his booth, to be made available on Leland's site in one-hour
>>> blocks throughout the day.
>>> And for many, the event is likely to feel like a mammoth meetup  
>>> where
>>> this first generation of podcasters will actually put faces to  
>>> voices
>>> and screen names. Dinners, poker games and even some romantic dates
>>> have been furiously arranged in recent weeks on message boards and
>>> via e-mail.
>>> "This is the place we get to meet everybody you've heard and talked
>>> to," said podCast411 host Robert Walch of Overland Park, Kansas, who
>>> said he walked away from a six-figure income earlier this year to
>>> focus on growing his podcast consulting business. "This is going to
>>> be the Woodstock of podcasting."
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