Just poking my head in. Mouthing off. Don't wish to offend. 

Don't get me wrong, I think the new ipod is really cool, and I like a
new geeky gadget as much as the next person, but I have the same
feeling I had when they came out with the Photo ipod, which is sort of
"so what". Actually, now I think that being able to transport & view
pictures in one's ipod is a more useful function than watching video
on it.

Aside from the "neat-o!" aspect of it, I just don't see how or why
this will be the next big thing for...anyone who believes it's the
next big thing, be they major media, the music industry, whatever. I
get to pay for tv shows I missed? No thanks. I don't need to see
ANYTHING that badly--not even "Lost". "Classic" repeats? Nope. Got
Nickelodeon, if I feel the urge. MTV? Have it. Don't really watch it,
but it's there.  I really don't see the value in it for vloggers (or
vodcasters, or video podcasters or video bloggers, or vidmasters or
whatever you want to call it...I don't wish to start that semantic
argument again) aside from my boyfriend being able to keep my video
visage in his pocket (which, incidently, he wouldn't watch anyhow,
because he sees me all the time. I'm trying not to feel a little hurt
by that ;))

I guess what I mean is that I watch tv on my tv. And I watch vlogs on
my computer be they "shows", "personal diaries", "mini-movies",
"series" or whatever else: I have room in my heart for all styles and
formats. It's a format that's computer-based. It doesn't seem to
belong on my tv, or in my pocket. Perhaps because it's become such a
part of my daily routine (morning coffee, refresh Fireant, save me
from morning magazine-news tv programs, thank God) that I'd have a
hard time doing it a different way. I can be stubborn, yes, but it
can't just be me. Is it just me? 

Also, iTunes doesn't even have a seperate section for uploading
podcasts (back off, wordmavens--I'm using "podcasts" for now because
it's easier)with video so that one could browse around, anyway.
Stuff's just stuck everywhere: public radio, arts & entertainment,
spoken word and whathaveyou. Sure, there's a "featured video podcast"
section, but it's awfully small. What's a videopodvodvlogmeister to
do? I assume people want to ship their vlogs over to iTunes to reach a
bigger audience or make it easier for people to subscribe--correct me
if I'm wrong. But why bother if no one will be able to find you?

Is anyone buying these video ipods and actually using them mainly for
video? When are you supposed to watch? You can't drive and watch. You
can't really walk and watch. Are people really sitting in their
livingrooms watching these teensy (albeit crisp and clear) screens
because, I'm sorry, but that's just dopey. The only time I can think
that they would be useful is on a public transportaion commute to
work. Surely zillions of people outside of New York City (and Chicago,
and Boston and Tokyo and wherever else there's a large
train/bus/monorail contingent) are buying the little suckers. Is
anyone running out to replace their music/photo ipods? Or are the
majority of people buying them new users who are just buying the
current model, much like I bought an ipod with photo capabilities
because that's just what was available? By the time my ipod is totaly
outdated I'm hoping for a portable mp3 player that can make me a
sandwich. The iSnack. THAT seems useful to me.

I suppose the ludddite part of me thinks that portable video is bad.
Do we really need to be entertained every goddamned minute? I guess
you could take your video ipod out for a nice day in the park and
watch it there--but shouldn't you just be enjoying a nice day in the

I won't bore you with my theories concerning commercials bundled in
programming on video ipods (Vpods?) other than to say: any day now.
Any day.

Ok. I'm done. No attacking, please.


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