I love Steve Garfield's stuff in general and "Vlog Soup" in particular. Indeed, Steve's soups are super but that is because he knows how to take a lot of mediocre stuff (the best of each) and whip it into a super mix.  I checked out some of his links and saw that he had a great eye for those few unique seconds in an otherwise boring vlog.
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Steve Garfield's "Vlog Soup" posts are a great example of such links.
He's got a link in the post for every single site that is mentioned in
the video.

On 12/5/05, Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Mon, 05 Dec 2005 22:58:52 +0100, Bill Streeter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > One of the problems of linking in an aggregated media world is the
> > fact that if you get most of your vlogs via aggregator then how
> > likely are you to see links on any given blog?
> Since adding links to the videos themselves is too friggin' hard for the
> common man right now... Write like a blogger. A video description could
> look like this:
> "I saw Joe's attempt at making pancakes yesterday. This morning I decided
> to try it myself. I used to recipe Jane posted last month."
> With links to:
>   - Joe's blog
>   - Joe's entry with his failed pancake attempt
>   - Jane's blog
>   - Jane's recipe
> Adapt for your videos, spread some links around. Rinse and repeat.
> - Andreas
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