Thanks for your help, Bill.  Man, Final Cut Pro HD encoded it fast, too.  I guess that's the price you pay, though  - a really small video.  I'm running some tests using BTV Pro and QuickTime Pro now.  (I used BTV Pro to capture, since my main video source was an iBot webcam.)  Wish me luck,


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Your picture size is not normal. I have seen this before when the video is digitized into
final cut pro at a low resolution (like 320 X240). It looks fine when you edit because FCP
will adjust the size of the video in your computer monitor windows. However, when you
output the file it will not adjust it and therefore you get the smaller picture in picture look
you have. Check you capture settings and make sure they are set to DV NTSC 48khz. Also
check you sequence settings and make sure they are also set correctly. If this is not a
problem , then somebody who knows about compressor needs to help. I use Sorenson.

Good Luck


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> Season's Greetings, everyone,
> I've been subscribed to this group for about a year, but I haven't
> posted much beyond an early introduction.  I'm a podcaster - an audio
> podcaster - but I've been watching and learning a bit about
> videoblogging since about this time last year; I even "virtually
> attended" the first VloggerCon this past January.
> I'm focused on audio, and don't have much video equipment, but I'm
> dipping my toes in the waters of videoblogging (and video podcasting),
> so to speak.  Here's my first post:
> It's not much, but it's a start.  In my text post I've provided an
> explanation as to why the video is so tiny, but I'm still a bit
> perplexed as to why Compressor left the image so small.  I followed
> the steps outlined in a video tutorial I found on a site called
> Freevlog (at ) for compressing video using
> Final Cut Pro HD; does anyone know if the video is supposed to turn
> out this tiny?
> Thanks for your help,
> Harold J. Johnson
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