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But Raymond, if an audio blog post with text becomes a podcast when
delivered to a computer or mobile device using RSS 2.0, why wouldn't a
video blog post with text become a video podcast when delivered to a
computer or mobile device using RSS 2.0?

Well, my only objective was to point out that there _is_ in fact a context outside the video itself. I don't know how else to use the terminology. When a video can well stand alone, isn't that also a videoblog. Technically, Rocketboom is still a videoblog even though they don't have a lot of text / show notes outside the video, right?

So what do I call a video that is - in my opinion - dependant on the text in the blog entry to be fully appreciated? Video that is more like an afterthought to the text, or a visual reminder of one aspect of the issues at hand.

At some of the conferences/meetings I have been at, I just take a lot of video, encode it with 3ivx, upload it, and then link to it frmo the text at appropriate times. You _can_ read the text alone, but the video adds some depth to it, or a pun, or a visual exclamation mark. I like this method a lot myself, even though it breaks some of the mainstream vlogging conventions, and I am sorry that I haven't seen any others take this approach.

Having said that, I really find this clip interesting, for several reasons.

It was a quote from one of the video files that Maartens (http://www.blogologie.be) captured with his webcam and put online at http://maartenschenk.be/video/lesblogs/ . It was a three-minute quote from a large .wmv file. I took the file via Movie Maker into QT and exported it into a nice little movie, an entity that represents that session and the whole conference, along with some other interesting things that happened. Using another person's footage like that was really inspiring, in a way. Maartens was my eyes, and he was just ONE conference participant with a laptop, a little webcam and some dedication to capture the sessions.

My blog entry, http://www.dltq.org/?p=780 , was actually about back-channels and how these might change conferences. What happens when every moment of the conference is captured in both mp3 and video formats and put online immediately? When people from outside can tune in to the stream as well as the irc channel, and virtually be in the conference? Back-channels have been around at conferences for years, and I think they will have a continued growing influence, for better or for worse.

This video shows much more than a mere description of what happened. You get more texture - like for instance Ben's face expressions and body language while talking, or how Mena just jumps at "dotBen" at the beginning after glancing on the back-channel during a session.

To me, this video is, yes, a classic symbol of a clash of manners that might come forth in any diverse group of individuals. I guess these kinds of discussions will come up again and again in the future.


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