www.drdivx.com it is now open source. Just pc right now, but people are working on the other versions. I think someone finished a Swedish version also.


for macs there is http://www.divx.com/divx/mac/ In the converter app if you select custom profile you can access bitrate, frame size and all those other goodies.


Jim Vinson

DivX, Inc.



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Subject: [videoblogging] how to read and compress .VOB files?


Does anyone know how to convert VOB files to a format I can read and
then compress? I was able to copy the files off the DVD and onto my
hard drive so I don't have to decrypt them (and it's a movie I made so
I'm not violating copyright), but now I'm stuck. 

I just want to take the movie off the DVD and compress it into
something smaller, to around 500 - 700 MB. Then I want to put clips
from the movie up on the Web. But Premiere won't read the VOB files. I
tried  http://jmoney.byethost15.com/PARTS%202%20and%203/PART2.htm but
no luck. Dr. Divx is no longer available.




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