we need to stop taking ourselves, and each other, too seriously.

please, guys and gals, let's not make this go the direction of the podcastosphere. where, in the end, a lot of feathers are ruffled over who did what at what time on wikipedia. :)

I like Garfield, I like Watkins, and I like mancheesemo. Clearly, we belong to different schools of vlogging, and surely there will be a lot of angst over who gets mentioned in the mainstream media all the time, but hey, isn't this about how we can create our own media?

personally, I don't care if you find my 10 minutes of talking to the camera boring. you are then, probably, not my target audience. is it that hard to get? :)

i don't need to boycott someone just because I might find their content boring (= unrelevant for Me).

regarding trolling and the such - personally I find a bit of disruption good. we need some disruption in any group. as long as people don't get all personal and - take each other or themselves Too seriously.

now i will go and talk to the camera for ten minutes nonstop, without any makeup, any editing, or any fancy topic. you may go and make a well-produced 2-minute show. isn't it great that the internet has space for both of us?


On 12/16/05, Enric <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Labelling is innacurate either way, troll or old boys network.  People
are volitional and create their future, so a label does not define
what a person will be.  But people label based on people's prior actions.

  -- Enric

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