I've had a lot of interaction with the press in my day.  You have to package yourself in a certain way.  Any writer could use Susan as a soccer mom who vlogs when writing an article with that sort of slant.
Right now, the focus is on the impact of this new media on old media.  Susan, you should take the initiative and send some queries to magazines (or the local papers) suggesting they do an article on vlogging.
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That sounds like a wonderful plan.  Unfortunately for me, the
half-dozen times I've been interviewed in the past few months, the
reporter has seemed interested, but I still have yet to actually show
up in an article...

*sigh*  I guess I need themed content.  ;)


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> So here's my plan for next year (just thought of this): every time I
> talk to the press, I'll try to promote a few unknown videoblogs,
> instead of the usual suspects. Sorry usual suspects, but the newbies
> need the love more :)
> I'll make a list of newbie blogs that I like for myself so I have
> something handy. If not, I tend to mention the ones that come to mind,
> and those are the already famous ones that don't need my help
> promoting them.
> :)
> I'm *really* signing off now. 30 hour flight!
> Woohoooo!
> Peter
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