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I have a job, Will be graduating next week and then going full time...so there is my job
as for my life...Well I have a full and fulfilling life...

oh yeah, I almost forgot. To the rest of the "in-crowd": we have a meeting next weekend in NYC where we will be discussing self-promotion, ego-building, how to start hype about your crappy content, and how to make sure that newbies never get any attention at all. Please bring your "in-crowd" notebooks and magic rings.

this is a private party...only the elite vloggers are allowed to attend (that means no Richard Show you talentless, un-funny little puke!)

...  dang it! ... I always got picked last in soft ball too! ... and no body invited me to join evil vlog ... woh is me ... but I must say I have always been one to appreciate attention however I can get it, he did say I was little, which I like, and he did use the words Richard Show :) ...

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