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Okay I'm slowly getting some of the parts together. I've officially
become a VBlogger and want to thank you all in advance for the help
you've offered others and that hopefully will extend my way as well.

Here are a few of my questions:

here is my blog address:


Note two things:

1) though I tried to follow directions exactly like the video said I was
unsuccessful at making the ScreenShot image into a "Link" going to the video

Right now your screen shot is a link to the image. In the html it shold be src="" and href="" so you need to change this



(or in blogger simple editing vew, just click on the picture and make sure the link is to the movie file, not the picture

2) I was successful at making the text "Click here to view the 10 second
video clip" into a link for the video

But here is where I get confused and am wondering about things.

the video is located here:


in the video the example has the .mov designation. I started with .avi
and with Windows Movie Maker ended up with the compressed .wmv designation.

3) How do I get it to go from .wmv to .mov? Or should I not do this? Am
I suppose to use that Avid software? If so is there a tutorial for this?

.mov is quicktime and it is more commonly used in video blogs... for example, it will work with iTunes and the ipod. On the other hand .wmv will work on windows machines without the user having to download a plug in, so it's ok ... I have not used movie maker, but I suspect it cannot make .mov files and, if you want to make .mov files you'll need to get quick time pro, which is $30 (at least that's one way to do it)

I've never used Avid, so don't know about it

When I used a windows machine I used adobe premier elements and, later, premier. The former is less than $100, but others on the list can tell you about other, cheaper or free windows options, besides movie maker, though movie maker should be fine for now.

The reason I'm asking is because when I go to ourmedia.org I can easily
see the online video on ourmedia's page:


but when I click the link and it takes me to the above .wmv link for the
video and on my system it tries to open with "Winamp" and nothing shows
up. Its just a blank screen.

I'm wondering and pretty well suspect that I don't have my system
configured correctly.

... yeah, it worked fine for me, though there was no audio, but I'm assuming there wasn't supposed to be ...  you  need to set it so that .wmv  play in windows media player ...

4) How do I set my computer up so that a file in any of a number of
different formats will open up correctly?

... I can't remember - haven't used windows in a while ...

Is there something I can read
that explains which designations: .mov, .avi, .wmv, or ??? will open up
in which video viewers: Windows Media Player, Real Player, WinAmp,
QuickTime, etc.? IS this where that FireAnt or MeFeedia would help me out?

... maybe someone else can help with that hopefully ...

well I guess you can see I'm just full of questions.

... that's what the list is for

... one last thing is that I would strongly recommend using blip.tv ( http://www.blip.tv) instead of ourmedia and you can set an option to have it cross post to the internet archives ... blip is free, and great, and it's easy to set it up so that all you do is upload your screen shot, your video, and the text you want in your post, and it will automatically create the blogger post ...

... Richard




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