Ha, this is also funny:

Beats my Greasemonkey script... although the usability of this is a little confusing. You search something, then grab the URL of the video on Google Video and then paste it into the Video URL input. Could be more streamlined.


On 12/23/05, Joshua Kinberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Ha, and the sky is falling too!
I'm no fan of Google Video either, but I can see why they do it.
They want the experience to be "sticky"
They want advertising impressions
They want to track the advertising impressions
They want to put ads in and around the videos
They want to offer paid access for video viewing

There's probably more, but that's just off the top of my head.

It is what it is...


On 12/23/05, Michael Meiser < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
No offense Sull, but enclosing FLV is a pipe dream... it's a web based playback object only... in so far as people DON'T have optional donloadable/ portable/ OPEN / enclosable formats also available it won't go anywhere. I LOVE the fact FireANT mac supports it, I wish everyone did... I'd love to revlog some of my favorite flash...  but Fireant mac... that's IT.

AND that's just for starters... 

The format is CLOSED, CLOSED, CLOSED... there is no remixing, little to no opportunity to format shift... no way to even ensure the FLV is downloadable, copyable or shareable without screwing around with each file every time. And no I don't consider giving someone a url to a page sharing. Sharing involves a taking into posession...  and you can't dowload or copy 50% of all flash media.. and furthermore there's no telling what you can download and copy unless you know what you're doing and try it.

And yes, I'm specifically talking about google video. It's a trap... a dead end.... mark my words no future will come of google video in it's current state, not without a 180 change in direction. It's a toy.... it has no outward looking search... and nothing else can search it. It's a walled garden... a darknet that just happens to have be "pretty"... it has NO interoperability with any other service whatsoever... not yahoo video search or infoseek... no blogging or video podcasting... no webjay... no NOTHING. 

 Untill they provide media permalinks to non-locked down media / portable / dowloadable / encloseable media... and untill they roll out with a tool that searches video on the other 99.999% of the web it's a freaking test tube toy and I don't even care. It's relevance is BUNK!

I mean where would google's legendary web page search be today if they'd say, heh! we're offering web hosting and our search is going to work for the pages we host? Plus noone else can search our web pages!  We're going to rock the world!  With WHAT I'd say... the search has no value when it doesn't search the other 99.999% of the web and the hosting doesn't work when anything uploaded is completely trapped in their system and not accessible for anything more than looking pretty... do not be confused by the slick little flash interface. They're doing what for the search of video I ask! NOTHING! Absolutely NOTHING!

1) Google video is no search solution... search solutions are what google offers... IT'S their CORE SERVICE...  untill google search becomes a true search solution and you can find videos on the whole of the web it's nothing but a malformed test tube baby.  It's potential to solve any of the larger issues of finding videos is MUTE.

2) ...and as far as hosting... like I said... anyone is better... why bother uploading your videos when you can't even download them?  Forget the FLV issue... these are YOUR videos... how are you going to share these videos... bookmark them with delicious and go to them one by one!? Email around urls! Heh this isn't spam I swear it... check out my video!   Great, awesome for you.  How am I going to comment on these videos...  how am I going to quote them... "you know about half way in when you do that one thing"... great! Can you put them on your blog and make ad revene from them? WHAT IF ANYTHING CAN YOU DO WITH THEM? ... oh... you can LOOK at them... oh so pretty in their impenatrable glass boxes... completely inaccessible for anything other than looking at...  heh... you can always screen snap them!  Now that's all we're doing here in the vlog world, right... it's just stuff to "look at" that's all, right? It's not anything more than just looking, right? I create stuff for people to look at... heh... look at that... look at this.. I looked at that... did you look at that? It's right there on google video for you to look at.

These google videos fundamentally locked down to google's pages... think of them as googles whores... it makes about as much sense as the Music industry buying into Apple's DRM and then bitching, why the heck does this only work with the ipod!? Why should apple have a monopoly?  Why... because you wanted it non-interroperable you fucks and that's what you got! Wake up and smell the coffee. 

Closed platforms are BUNK ... they have no future... they're fundamentally inaccessible, have limited usability, no findability or searchability outside of that which is provided, and no flexibility...  you get the damn play button and the slide bar because that's what google said you could have bitch ... want a timestamp... screw you... no flash plugin.. screw you... want it on your ipod...screw you... want to put it in a playlist with your other home movies... screw you... want to project it on a damn wall.. screw you... want to quote it.. .screw you... play it at your wedding, barmitzfa, family reunion... just as long as you don't mind playing it in the google web page and have a highspeed connection! 

 ARE YOU ALL FOLLOWING ME?  There's this thing... it's called fair use... it's a suggestion that perhaps the creator might not have an idea of every intended use for media in the world... there's this thing called digital rights management... and don't tell me google isn't using digital rights management... you're rights to use that content are completley and totally "managed". a duck is a duck no matter what you call it.  ANyway digital management assumes that every concieved usage for content is known... google assumes they know the one possible concieved usage of a video... and that's all you'll ever need people... if you agree... good for you... you know it's your choice... yeah, I'm being condesending here, glad you noticed.

Google have decided you WILL watch the file in their web page in a browser with flash and that's IT PERIOD. Argue with that.. and argue that none of the other infinite possibilities matter... do it... I'm egging anyone on... I'm picking a fight...  something I never do... but I won't hesitate to pick a fight on this... google video is a fucking TRAP!

So, why bother with a born loser... And I do mean born loser... still born, whatever you want to call it... unless google suddently does a 180 one day out of the blue and says we bless they merry gentleman with media permalinks... to direct downloadable files...  and stops limiting their search to only videos people have uploaded to them I could care less about their service... I'm going to go use an OPEN hosting service like blip or archive.org... something ACCESSIBLE... and a search tool like yahoo that allows me to find things on the other 99.999% of the web.

Google video is just another tyrant in a long line of tyrants... I can't understand why anyone would bother? All hail the tyrant is dead! All hail the new tyrant!

Yeah, I'm picking a fight on this one, I don't normally speak quite this boldly in comdemnation but, fuck google video.


Got that! Ok... I saved the best for last... GOOGLE VIDEO DOESN'T WORK FOR VLOGGERS AT ALL!!!  What need more I say.  Argue with that! Enclose that!  Stick that in your itunes, fireant, DTV, iPod, PSP... stick it in your web page... YOU CAN'T!   Use google to find the videos on your blog, you're friends vlog... heh where's my videos in google... heh where's rocketbooms!  Andrew, sorry to use you as an example but you started this. Are you going to upload all your rocketboom videos to google so they'll appear in google's search engine... what kind of revenue opportunities do you think you'll make from that one link google blesses your homepage with?  I laught... the idea of google's utility is absurd...  Google does not include vlogs in it's search... google does not allow it's videos to be vlogged!  What need more be said!

How did I allowed myself to get sucked into this pointless discussion anyway... Google video sucks... end of story... I think I've made my point...  next question please.


On Dec 23, 2005, at 10:52 AM, Michael Sullivan wrote:

flash video has grown on me. 
i used to spit on it in relation to videoblogging/vodcasting.
the one gripe that still prevails is that you cant remix it.... so it excudes that part of this culture.  which sucks bad. you could transcode flv to mp4 of course, but its another step and potential lossy issues.

but, flv has a very important role that should not be ignored by anyone... businesses focus on it for good reason.
you may not be able to remix it easily, but you can share it...and everyone can play it online and soon offline playback will be mor ecommon too.

and as soon as XSPF video player is ready, that will be huge. 
even without XSPF, there are other xml playlist formats that flv players use.
playlists, in my opinion, are a huge part of our culture. revlogs are playlists. metafeeds are playlists etc.

even fireant and others will eventually have proper support for flv playback if not already.
imagine if flv played on the video iPod.  it could if *they* chose to allow it.
maybe macromedia or some other company will one day come out with a device that does?  imagine that.  some cell phones already do, right?


On 12/23/05, Jay dedman < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I was never meaning to suggest Flash is the way to go for most people
> and also I didn't even expect hotlinking, etc into one's website or
> aggregator. I wasn't suggesting anyone on this list drop anything for
> Google.
> I really only just brought it up as a stepping stone for newbees or
> people who would want to do video without a committed life of
> videoblogging.
> I think its a good and easy way to get your videos online if you are
> not a hard core videoblogger. I think its much easier than any other
> solution, its dependable and fast and it seems like its a nice
> sandbox for people who would like to experiment with the idea of
> having video that they make online.

maybe gogle might connect google video with blogger one day.
all the pieces are there.

i was just bringing up the flash discussion...becasue i see that its
becoming very popular in some circles.


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