I have Tiger, QT7 and 3ivx 4.5.1

I encode to single pass constant bitrate (or single pass average bitrate when file is too big) at 6400 kbits/sec [error in software makes this setting confusing, but thats what I set it at]
compressor quality med, high or best, depending on motion complexity of footage (I usually preset at med).
maxium quality Quantizer is around 90%-100% (usually 95%)
minimum quality quantizer is around 10%
frames per second is 15.
keyframs forced every 300 delta frames
half-pixel motion and four vector motion engaged.

Audio is AAC 44.1 128kbs

On Dec 29, 2005, at 10:35 PM, Stan Hirson, Sarah Jones wrote:

I've been doing some tests with 3ivx and QuickTime, but have not been getting  file size economy  that is any better than MPEG4 or H.264. 

I got the idea of usinig 3ivx from the Rocketboom tools documentation. It was very helpful and generous, but I'm afraid I need some more guidance aboput specific settings.  The whole subject of compression has been, quite frankly, something that I've been avoiding because it is so confusing with its own language and parameters that, to me, don't make much sense. 

I am developing a vlog that will a lot of footage of horses in motion. I am trying to keep the bit rate as low as possible to avoid stuttering while showing some sense of motion as clean as possible on DSL bandwidth.

What I am looking for from this list is some pointers to instruction about compression that is somewhere between the Freevlog tutorials and the 3ivx documentation. 

I'd appreciate any advice.


Stan Hirson

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