one approach is to put some kind of menu, index or guide in the blogger header
do this by modifying the template (make a copy first for safety!)

look for <div id="header"> ..</div> and put your own menu or whatever in there
you'll need to work with HTML and CSS here

look at as an example
i wanted to make sure that certain posts could be easily located and i did not just want them in the sidebar
basically, i just added a div of links inside of the header

i've also see people put "posts" there that stay at the top (not really a post, but it can look like one if you want)


Stan Hirson, Sarah Jones wrote:

I'm posting again, it seems, on consequitve days with queries.  But the folks on this list have been so helpful with my beginner's questions on compression and file linking, I thought I would ask something that is not quite so technical, but really basic to me. 

I am starting a video blog to get the eperience and because I want to participate in this medium.  My background, among other things is a documentary film maker.  What I like about vlogging is that it can allow me -- I think and hope -- to present a subject in a recursive and nonlinear way, unlike a traditional documentary film.  I can share my exploration and learning-process with the viewer.  I can look at  a subject and then come back later with a clearer understanding or a deeper question.  It's sort of looping around in an irregular pattern

I have been using Blogger.  What bothers me now that I have been doing this for a few days, is that I am being forced back into a linear mode because of the date/journal quality of the software.  It is like a diary that you cannot start at the beginning.  Oh, sure, people can dig into archives, scroll down and up in ways that are unfamiliar to them, but it's not going to happen.  I think I would rather start at the beginning and develop ideas in a progression for the audience just the way I am doing it for myself as I spin the vlog.

I can't figure out how to do this within Blogger.  And there are many reasons why I would like to stick with Blogger right now.  Is there a fix or is there something similar that would have the flexibity of Blogger? 




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