I mean, just edit the file extension, don't convert the file.
Rename the file so the extension is .mp4.


On 1/4/06, Joshua Kinberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
change .m4v to .mp4 and I bet all will work right.


On 1/4/06, John Mayes <[EMAIL PROTECTED] > wrote:
Hello Vloggers,

Thanks for eveyones help yesterday.  I have installed the feed enclosure plugin and it seems to be working great and it improved the reliability of the feed.  I'm not sure I understand the difference between the atom.xml and the RSS index.xml output files for Moveable Type so if anyone can explain I would appreciate it.

Anyway the feed seems to work better, but when downloads are done using iTunes through a podcast subscription ... the file looks like it is downloading and then when it completes it does not load the file as if it is the wrong format and leaves and exclaimation mark next to it instead.  Likewise when i click on the link in the block to access the same file I am taken to a page with the quicktime logo as it downloads and that logo eventually turns into a Question Mark indicating it does not know what to do with the file.  FireAnt on the other hand has no problem downloading the file and playing it ... I have another problem there however in that FireAnt attempts to play the QT file and our Flashfile in the RSS feed viewer below the video so that provides some confusion.

Now one thing that you should know is I have exported the files using QT pro to the M4V format but renamed the files with the MOV suffix.  I did this because previously when I had uploaded files with the M4V extension and tried to view them through the web with a browser I got back text encoding in the browser rather than the QT File.  I have had more luck with the MOV extension.

To check out our blog and feed go to ...

HELP!  Anyone have any insight into why I am having file format or transfer problems with the QT files?

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