That's awesome, Markus. I love the camerawork, the shots of the Sun prog from above, the photography (and edit) really tells a good story in this one.

While on the subject of images analysis, I discovered an interesting site (via esorabbit) which I gave brief mention on my blog:

And hey, do you remember the demo when the Steve had a next step airlines res interface and actually booked a flight, it was another great Steve moment.


Deconstructing the status quo, collaboratively

On Jan 6, 2006, at 4:21 PM, Markus Sandy wrote:

ok, now look what you guys went and made me do ...

i knew i had this old video tape around somewhere,
a promo by Next with an application development competition against Sun!


i don't have any fancy VHS capture tools, so I just shot the thing directly to my Xacti and uploaded it

18 minutes of pure nostalgia!

enjoy!  I knew I kept this for a reason.


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