Very vlogs...that is what it's called?  This past weekend I got together with a few other friends in Las Vegas to start a vlog about our town.  I was looking for Las Vegas Vloggers, but did not have much luck...I know they are out there..just got to find them.
So we just started ViVlog Las Vegas - Las Vegas Vloggers Network ... one of the other reasons for starting it was the simple fact that we did not have a public access television station - which was a major complaint among the community here.
Look forward to learning more about your communities!
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johngaltsjournal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I think this year will have a lot of community-based videoblogs popping up; which is
something I'm really into.  I'm about to start one up for San Francisco with the help of
some other like-minded folks as well.

Looking forward to seeing Worcester, MA!

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--- In, "Carl Weaver" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote
> Hi, folks. I just started a new vlog about our fair city of Worcester, MA.
> Thanks, Chuck, for the inspiration and encouraging me to rip off the idea
> from you. It's a great way to meet folks and see some different things that
> are going on locally. Community building is what vlogging is all about.
> Check it out:
> And of course my other vlog:
> thanks!
> Carl
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