On 1/10/06, Michael Sullivan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
the first porn sites were added to vlogdir.com last week.
that prompted me to add an Adult Content category.

I think categorization is a good yes, isn't that also censorship? labelling?  It's tough to make everyone happy isn't it?

i can add a custom wrapper on that category to do a number of things... such as warnings, agreements and so-called age check, access restriction until a request is made to gain access, or do nothing (current status). 

i just have not made a final decision yet.  i think it may depend on the type of porn site... the ones added to vlogdir.com were typical porn sites with a front being a videoblog... as a teaser... which lead you into joining as a member etc.... 
other sites may just be adult content, some porny stuff, but not that typical porn network concept.

too busy to put effort into any one approach here... but soon i will make some sort of adjustment WITHOUT censoring honest works.
this may include 'the video stores back porn room' approach.... getting in may require a request to adjust member permissions. 

i know sites like the one added to vlogdir dont give a shit about vlogging... there just trying to make money.  i dont feel much concern for them...
but stuff like madge puts out... that HAS a place here! 

I agree, those teasers are not videoblogs and have no place.  Even though I was being slightly verbally abused in his latest podcast, he does have good points and the bottom line is that he is a videoblogger/podcaster.


On 1/10/06, Devlon <[EMAIL PROTECTED] > wrote:
Let's talk.

It's a hot topic right now since our (Mefeedia) site chose one method
to make the site 'safe for work' etc.

Disclaimer: I want to talk as an individual, not as someone affiliated
with Mefeedia.  That being said...

There is a post on the Mefeedia blog that pointed out how content that
might not be safe for work is handled.  The author of the post picked
the first feed that they came across, it was never meant to single out
anyone.  Apologies for singling out anyone that was not the intent at

I've spent the morning listening to Richard's podcast.  And he's
asking questions...I have some answers, as an individual, not as a
spokesperson of mefeedia.

Why do we need do cover up images like a vagina smoking a cigarette
(for example)?  Personally, I know that kids will find porn online,
that's not why I feel some images need to be categorized or 'covered
up'.  I feel it is important for browsing at work or something like
that, maybe over at my parent's places, etc.  So here I am browsing
around and I get explicit images on the screen, my boss comes in my
office and thinks I am browsing porn.

I have no problem with porn, trust me...you should see my
collection...It has nothing to do with monetization, etc.  It's about
having a site that everyone can use anywhere, in a school, in a
library, etc.

Freedom of speech is thrown around right and left, but if a review of
someone's feed isn't appreciated, then it's 'a bad' review, or
un-fair.  How does that work?

I have questions.  How do the other sites handle content?  How do we
as a community make sites that everyone, anyone can watch anywhere?

There are several feeds that have been flagged as potential adult
content, not just the one, there are 25 of them.  But I agree that
there should be some dialog with the producers of the feeds before
they get flagged, that's where Mefeedia did go wrong, agreed.  The
process is being refined.  It's not the content of the video that I
feel needs to be indentified, it's the thumbnails.

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