Given that I hold the strong personal belief that there is ONE technology (RSS 
casting /smirk) and DOZENS of genres, (videoblogs = one single genre), I'd say 
that you 
might be able to stick to four kinds of content, with two examples each. 

Something show-like: 
These might emulate the *medium* (different from the industry) of television or 
Rocketboom, TikiBarTV, Backstaging, CommandN

Something news/info-like: Anything citizen journalistic, educational
These can also be something designed for marketing purposes. Hey, check out 
videos that 
might interest your client like Snowboard or Golf videoblogs.

Something personal-like: pick any vlog really
No shortage here. Go find a kid's birthday party or soccer game. Personal stuff 
is the 
largest pool of content 

Something art-like: picky anything not necessarily personal or newsy, but artsy 
abstract. Also might be created by a personal vlogger.

Hope that helps and sorry for being balanced and level headed. ;-)


--- In, Darryl Mitteldorf <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> I'm trying to describe vlogs and their potential to board members of my
> nonprofit (it took me over an hour to explain what a podcast is, last
> year).  It would be helpful to have 5-10 examples of vlogs, as recommended
> by "our" community, for me to illustrate my presentation.  It might also be
> a fun exercise for us to come up with a list of ten vlogs that
> approximate/illustrate what vlogs are about.  So, with rocketboom as a
> given, what do you all thing are 5-10 vlogs that can show a newcomer what
> vlogs are all about?  Also, with yoru list suggestions, you might suggest
> how vlogs fit into diffeent catagories, such as an example of a personal
> vlog, a community activist vlog, a "seehere" vlog, a "lame" vlog, an "arty"
> vlog, etc.  Thanks, Darryl

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