Hi folks,

It's been a ton of fun here at Macworld, with some of the usual suspects 
pimpin' vloggin 
and various products and such. Wish all of you could have been here.

With that, I wanna pimp something I'm pretty proud of, especially in light of 
all the recent 
debates on flash video and RSS and such. 

Over at Audioblog.com, we've enabled folks to upload video and post it to their 
blog via a 
flash player. And because of that, I've generally been reluctant to make too 
much noise 
about it here (well that, and I don't wanna be too spammy-- don't worry, I 
won't start :P )

Yesterday, we turned on some new features including, enabling links to the 
video file to 
appear under the flash player (this is for the feedburner follks). Or, you 
could just upload 
video and post it directly to a pure RSS feed.

The other thing is that we'll on-the-fly transcode pretty much any video format 
Quicktime, ready to go for the video-capable iPod. 

I tend to believe we *can* have it both ways. Most visitors click the flash 
player on my site 
(especially first time ones), as well as folks who want to be able to take the 
video with 
them, watch it where ever, or do whatever with it (since I'm encouraging of 
culture from time to time). I'm just happy I don't have to hack it manually, 
and it's all on-

It took a little longer than expected, however, I'm okay with that. I hope it 
works flawlessly 
for any of you as it has for us assaulting it with sledgehammers and 
flamethrowers during 
testing. :-)

Thanks for the good words and support we've received this far. The servers are 
running a 
bit on the hot side, but we're on the case.


Eric Rice

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