> I find myself revisiting this question every time I post a large file
> to my vlog.
> How much is too much? At what point will you (personally, yourself, as
> a vlog watcher):
> 1) Stop downloading the file.
> 2) Stop watching the movie (how many minutes, assuming it's not too
> boring).
> Just curious about the answers-- someone recently said they wanted
> longer than 10-minute vlogs, because they wanted to really sit down
> and watch stuff, but I wonder about that. A 10 minute vlog is 30 MB,
> easily. A 40 minute vlog would be almost 100 MB? Is that worth your
> time, bandwidth, and download speed? Would it make more sense to
> stream instead?
> --Stephanie
> Stephanie Bryant
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Hi Stephanie and all,
I have two limits: pacing and download/buffer times.
1) I typically stop watching when the video loses my attention. They have a slow pace visually or in delivering information. This is subjective. But typically mainstream media can hold my attention longer than newbie videos becuase mainstream media has a certain pace-- and I like it. Now whether mainstream programs can keep me watching for longer than five minutes is another thing.
2) I also don't even start to watch videos if it takes more than a minute to download/buffer UNLESS I know I want to see this video for some reason I read in the description. This is where format and file size come into play for me. I prefer streaming or progressive downloads, or small files (<10mb) of wmv, mov, and mpg.
I've spent 20 minutes watchign buffering, watching buffering, watching and buffering --just becuase I was riveted by the content. But that downlaod/buffer time is a killer for most videos because the content doesn't grab me at video beginning.
3) Another way to look at this is to ask your viewers what they want. If your viewers want more scenery, give it to them. I they want more info, give that to them. If they want your videos to share on their website-- make it possible. Listen to what they say abotu your videos or ask them for more detailed feedback.
For example, drjoevitale.blogspot.com streams flv and is accessible to most people without problems BUT is the content worhty of 2 minutes, 3 minutes or 15 minutes? I know most viewers just a want a glimpse so I try to keep posts short, moving and fun. But I also have a a great lead person who is riveting when he talks, but he also typically talks more than I want timewise. His readers are his viewers and no one seems to mind. He's got their attention and they love him. But he were a slow talker or boring ons screen then I may have cut jumps everywhere to keep the the pertinant info moving along. The longest video I have up on his site is 15 minutes and I did it to show the entire adjustment session in real time. I kept the camera moving to stimulate visual movement and of course the video is narrated in real time and there is also good natured bantering going on that I knew his audience would love.
Nebelungs.blogspot I keep those videos very short short becuase they are in mov format. I also dont want to keep my audience wanting more. I dont want the audience to ever fill up and get bored with watching Nona.
My .02,

Nerissa Oden
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