I use GoDaddy, but my buddies like Adam and Bill Streeter keep telling me how good Dream Host is and they are, of course, smarter, but I'm lazier and I'm also afraid of the hassle of changing - especially since I'd have to change the ftp stuff in blogger to point to dream host and then the world would explode, I'm sure. However, another good thing about dream host is that you can get wordpress with one click, which is supposed to be infinately better than blogger,  but, of course, I'm way too chicken for that - surely the sky would fall if I tried to transfer all my stuff to another type of blogging software - so I will probably stick with my safe little godaddy and blogger snickums and love them and hug them and hope they are always nice.

One important thing, though, is that GoDaddy does not host my videos. Those are hosted on blip. GoDaddy just hosts my pages and, in fact, I use blogger and just set it so it points to GoDaddy, as I mentioned above, so, I don't see any problems with video downloads like Adam describes.

The GoDaddy support is generally pretty good and I think I recall that Bill said that he thought GoDaddy was a good place to register domains, though I'm not sure why that is necessarily.

Of course, I could just go downstairs and tell you all this, since you are my daughter and you are in my house, but that would involve human contact, and I'm a Cyber Dad. Also, others on the list would want to hear my great wisdom, I'm sure.

... Great Wisdom Richard

On 1/16/06, Adam Quirk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I use both Godaddy and Dreamhost, and I'll always recommend Dreamhost over Godaddy. 
I've had a terrible amount of downtime with Godaddy since I began using them for a video site last year.  It seems that when a certain amount of people try to download the same video on a Godaddy server, it just automatically shuts down and you have to manually reboot the server.

Go Dreamhost.  They just increased their bandwidth allowances to some ridiculously large number too.

If you want a code for a deal there, I think "vlogmap" works if I remember correctly.
You may want to search the archive of this group for "dreamhost code".


On 1/16/06, grasshopperatyourfeet < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Anyone using Godaddy currently and if  yeah feedback on how well you
like it and what package you got?  I'm thinking of doing the domain
name yadda yadda stuff and could use some input. If I go with this
thing I'll be changing my vlog name and all that good glop too so it
all syncs up nicely. I hate feeling Like I've got multiple personality
disorder ack.

Thanks in advance!!


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