I have a digital mixer (BOSS BR-864), and it has a usb port and it's done a really good job with music or voice I have recorded, transferred to my computer and used in vlogs.

I have also tried to do voice over recording with Final Cut Pro by just sticking a cheap microphone in the mic input and it sounds like crap, naturally.

It's a pretty big hassle to have to record voice on my digital recorder, which sounds really good, then upload it to the computer, and then add it to the editing program separately, as opposed to doing it real time.

As you probably have guessed, my question is: can I use the digital mixer to record directly onto the computer to use with things like final cut voice over or something like garage band?

This is probably a stupid question and the answer is probably "of course you can" or "of course you can not" you big geeb, but that has never stopped me before.

The mixer does have (from the manual):

a) "Line Out Jack: These are the output jacks for the analog audio signal. You can connect tape recorders, or other recording devices to record the output analog signal from the BR 864" (looks like regular RCA jacks - i think that's what they are called)


b) "Digital Out Connector: Optical connector for outputting digital audio signals. The same sound that is output from LINE OUT is also output from DIGITAL OUT. You can connect a DAT recorder or CD recorder to this connector and make digital recordings of the BR-864's output" ... This is a very weird looking jack I've never seen before.

... oh yeah, I also noticed that my power book does not have a "line in" hole like my PC does, just a mic and headphone jack, so I don't know if that makes a difference

... Any help would be much appreciated ... thanks! ... Richard

p.s. I have some nice microphones - old Sure SM58s, if that makes any difference - I use these with the mixer, but have never tried to find some sort of jack that would make it fit in the tiny little mic hole in the computer ... not knowing if that would make any difference ..



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