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Use Vegas.  It's intuitive and inexpensive.  The only thing it's really terrible at are if you want a simple way to manage multiple version / drafts / takes of an edit.  Otherwise, I strongly reccomend.

So far as the tapes, you're going to see a quality decrease immediately, a noticable one on the third time.  If you're only worried about the rendering quality (ie, 'internet size,') you should be able to go a few times on a tape without it being noticable at the lower resolution.  (Realize, however, that you are also taping over the sound, and that that may suffer.)  Just make sure to clean out your camera tapehead thingie every few months, lest your tapes begin to glitch.

Looking forward to checking out your videoblogs.

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I think you are all eager to answer some newbie questions?
Yes I know they (newbies)  keep coming over and over again and ask
the same old stupid questions.
But hey if you do not ask you never know what others think about it.
Well here it goes;

The ingredients so far

-Bought a digital videocam , Panasonic PV-GS150 3ccd minidv ,
(also spare battery, UV filter, mono-pod, tapes and a 3W light no
microfoon yet)
-I'm building a website using WordPress
-Have content in my head and its around everywhere.
-I read the discussions about duration and publishing of video and
all the artistic issues with vlogs.
-Have a fast PC with windows XP sp2 and cable internet.

Then I got stuck on a few technical questions;

1. What the heck should I use to edit the video's with?

  I have the free windows XP moviemaker but it is too limited for my
  I know you can buy all sorts of add-ons but I believe there is no
development for moviemaker anymore.
  However spending over $200 for editing software is not in the
budget. What is the next best alternative?
  (Functions I like/need ; transitions, different fonts, use of
green-screen, audio editing, adding sounds and clips)
  I have not yet decided on the publishing format.

  Is Vegas movie studio + dvd platinum a good choice?
  Pineaccle Studio media suite 10 ?

2. What are the must have software utility's and/or gadgets? you use
on a regular basis?

3. How many times can I use a tape?
(Consider it being a good quality tape)

4. Do you subscribe to any video magazines?

Ok for now these are my questions and I would appreciate any answers
very much.
Anything else i did not mention would be important to think of? (yup
a catch all question)

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