A while back I set up a screencasting page for vloggers on VoxMedia


There is another freebie screenscasting program, AVI Classic at

CamStudio is not bad either and no watermark http://camstudio.org

Carefull burning the midnight oil,

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Stephanie Bryant <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> This is not specifically vlog-related, but I need some help and you
> are all very knowledgeable. I am normally a Mac/iMovie user, so this
> is all a steep learning curve. Unfortunately, my deadline is tomorrow
> for a finished product, so I have to leap the curve ASAP.
> OK, here are the specs of my assignment:
> Make a training video using Windows to be put on a DVD.
> Have screencam video in it (basically, video of my desktop as I
> perform various tasks).
> Here's what I did and what's going wrong:
> I used Windows Media Encoder to capture the screen. No problems there,
> though everything ran slowly.
> I used a custom encoder profile:
> Screen capture, no audio.
> Encode to file, no limit.
> Compression:
> Video encoding mode:  CBR
> Audience:     1009 Kbps
> Video codec:  Windows Media Video 9
> Video bit rate:       1000 Kbps
> Video size:   Same as video input
> Frame rate:   29.97 fps
> Key frame:    6 s
> Image quality:        0
> Buffer size:  Default
> Not 2-pass encoding (which WME kept complaining wasn't possible with
> screencapture)
> No cropping
> No video processing options
> No plugins
> No security
> What's going wrong is that I imported these files into Windows Movie
> Maker and when I preview the clip from the Collection, it's fine. When
> I preview the clip from the storyboard, it's nearly impossible to
> view-- the text is fuzzy and bitmappy. A screen shot of the storyboard
> is available here, but I can't get the collection to screenshot
> properly-- it appears to not want to take an accurate screenshot
> (probably playing video via plugin?):
> View from the Storyboard:
> http://www.scottrell.com/personal/images/FromStoryboard.png
> So, the question is: Should I worry about this Collections preview
> issue? Is it just previewing badly, but will show up fine in the final
> rendering?
> I might add: the generated .avi from these files (I tested it), so
> far, has not impressed me-- they appear to be very jumpy. When I
> import them into Roxio, they appear to smooth out, but I haven't
> actually burned the DVD yet to see how well it plays.
> Help? Suggestions? Tips and tricks? Please don't tell me to use
> iMovie. I can't take the screencam except on the windows box, and the
> screencam software saves as WMV.
> If all else fails, I will bring the Mac laptop tomorrow and try to
> convert everything to .mov and use iMovie, but tomorrow's my last day
> here, and I needed these training videos to be done by then.
> Thanks in advance,
> --Stephanie
> --
> Stephanie Bryant
> Vlog: http://mortaine.blogspot.com
> Audioblog: http://bookramble.blogspot.com

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