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> > hello
> > 
> > i'm new to the yahoo group wanted to say hey. glad to be here.
> > 
> > i may not have all of the facts, but i think i get the jest of 
> > i am no expert but thier is a good reference book from focal 
> > " media law for producers ".  nolo press has a couple of good 
> > on copyright law and getting permission.  what i have read is 
> > you
> > must get clearance from the artist, songwriter, plubisher, 
> > lable, also have broadcast rights, and synchroniztion rights and 
> > probably some more i can't think of at the moment. it doesn't 
> > if you are making money or doing this for charity. you must 
> > clearance.
> > 
> > i havn't posted any projects yet, but i plan to use orignal 
> or 
> > royalty free music that is available.
> > 
> > thanks for having me in your yahoo group.
> > 
> > nikadigital
> >
> If My Main purpose of my video's are to Show family far away aross 
> the U.S. not to gain money, not for chairty but just to make a 
> more interesting by putting music behind it then what is the big 
> deal..if I bought the CD in the store for 20 bucks or so...to use 
> that song in my video for the main purpose of family and friends 
> view...???
i forgot to mention this is for pulblic performance. if it is for 
family or friends being shown in your house or a dirct link to your 
video viewed by family or friends then thier isn't a big issue. but 
if you post this video on the web for the world to see, then that is 
a public prerformance.

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