--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Eric Rice" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Take your ROI and CPM and chuck that out the window. We're living in
a world where that 
> starts to mean diddly squat. 
> I'll set a price, set the expectations, and the sponsor cay say yea
or nay...

Return on investment (ROI) will always have meaning, and cost per
thousand (CPM) is a benchmark to quantify the value of a
ad/sponsorship.  Setting a price without a quantitative justification
will not be accepted very well.  I can say I want $1000 per movie, but
how did I come to that number and what happens if traffic goes up or
down?  At what relative rate does the cost change?  CPM is a standard
pricing structure for advertising and most sponsors will be familar
with it.

As for the "take it or leave it" approach, that simply will not work.
 Sure I'd love to say "you better recognize" to a sponsor, but where
would that get me?  We need funding to continue to grow.  I can't
afford to shut doors in people's faces.

> Keep in mind in all this sponsorship talk, it doesn't have to be
some big-ol-honkin' 
> conglomerate... Go get free schwag from a local skate/surf shop or
something. Indie 
> people can advertise in indie media and it's still a little bit punk

I work in the industry and already get free schwag.  More importantly,
clothing and equiptment doesn't pay for hosting.

Maybe I have my head up my ass, but vlog watchers should be valueable
to sponsors (especially if they represent a niche market of mostly
young males).  Personally, I'd love to get local sponsorship to the
places we travel.  Then their business can be integrated into the
video somehow rather than the classic sponsored by logo at the
beginning and end. It would be even better to add an inteview w/ a biz
rep if they are in the industry.  Hell, that's like a full infomercial
for them and will probably be more accepted by viewers.  The last
thing we want to do is become a sell out, yet we're not afraid to
admit we're getting paid. It is a fine line.

Who knows if this will ever happen, but it sure beats the offers by
"major" networks looking to score free content for their new online
ventures.  Their offer?...  "We'll provide you with more exposure". 
HA! Thanks, but no thanks -  that increase in exposure only increases
my costs.

Oh well.  If all else fails, at least I can add my vlogs to my resume
and hope it helps land my next job.  Too bad I'm happy w/ the job I got.

The reason I brought all this up is because I see the next 3-6 months
as being a critical point in the vlogging world.  It feels do or die time.


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