In a pinch a collapsed tripod does the same....but doesn't quench the thirst ;)

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Not sure if this was mentioned in the thread or the series of links
posted, but a soda pop bottle is probably the cheapest steady cam...
and it actually works!

Go out and grab yourself a 1-liter plastic bottle of your favorite
drink.  Guzzle it down and fill it 1/4 to 1/2 full with water.  Drill
a hole in the cap, insert a washer on the inside and slide a bolt
through (make sure to get the right size/thread for your cam).  Then
tighten a nut down to the outside and screw the cap back on the
bottle.  Screw the wacky contraption into the bottom of your cam and
you're all set.

It lowers the center of gravity, which is a huge help... and the added
extra weight is easier to keep steady than a light handheld.  It also
does a great job at making you look funny.


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