Point Andreas.  But BBC and HBO are paid for by subscription (or in the case of the BBC, by TV Licence).  There is no subscription cost for most vlogs that I know of, so that does not pay for it either.  And the only ones the tax payer would pay for are Government sponsored/produced items.  

Everything costs money at the bottom, and everything has to be paid for.  Who pays for the Danish public service provider - is that TV Licence, or tax payers?  Ads are what is used for channels that are free or cheap to most, but are paid for via commercial sponsorship, ie ads.  

Rachel (Alternative Kitten)

On 30 Jan 2006, at 15:07, Andreas Haugstrup wrote:

On Mon, 30 Jan 2006 15:47:50 +0100, Rachel Knight 

> Bit over the top, David.  There have to be ads on TV to pay for
> making the programs, it's not cheap.

There don't have to be ads on tv, no more than there have to be ads 
anywhere else. Is the BBC running ads now? I know the Danish public 
service provider is not and have never run ads on either of their two 
channels. HBO is the US is not running ads either.

Someone has to pay for the programming, but it doesn't have to be financed 
via ads.

- Andreas
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