Ms. Kitka wrote:
 >> Stan Hirson, Sarah Jones wrote:
>> I was thinking about the auction and some of the discussion it
>> triggered.  I was wondering if there were any envy involved.  Not
>> saying there is, just wondering...
> I have to agree with you, I have no doubt that there are many jealous
> people out there wishing they had the number of viewers and an income
> from their hobby, like RB.

I think Rocketboom is doing the right thing, taking control of the 
advertising that will support their endeavors. Too many people 
desperately want financial success and will give up control in order to 
get it. Envy? As others have said, I'm not looking for commercial 
success from videoblogging, but if I were, I'd do my best to work as 
hard as Andrew and Amanda have to get where they are.

>> Andrew has been incredibly generous in sharing information about
> vlogging with us.  But this is going to be earthshaking.  
> Andrew has been very generous and I find it insulting that some people
> on this message board would attack his tactics (especially without
> reading the eBay listing fine print).

+1 on that. Andrew has contributed to this list, often with information 
or his insight that others do not have. Thanks Andrew!

> People are always talking about a "vlogging community" but I have yet
> to really SEE one.  All I see is a group of pundits on a Yahoo Group
> who attack each other for every line they write.  Gees, I mean, people
> are even attacking Capitalism today!  Is the "vlogging community"
> supposed to be a community of communists?  I sure hope not.

Hmmm, I dunno... I think the list has it's ups and downs as far as what 
people discuss. I've learned a *lot* about videoblogging (and other 
things) in the last 8 months from this list. Besides, what's wrong with 
attacking Capitalism, or communists for that matter? Feel free to make a 
videoblog post about it if you want to...


videoblog for the future...

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